9 Years of Shadows Free Download

9 Years of Shadows Free Download

9 Years of Shadows Free Download: A 9-year journey awaits you in the awe-inspiring, hand-crafted world of Shadows. Dark instances have started to invade the world of Shadows, desperately trying to flip the switch from vibrant color to an everlasting darkness.

Your task is to bring back beautiful colors, and achieve the impossible. Along your way you will be joined by Europa, a brave warrior with a loyal ghostly companion, Apino. Europa’s memory has been forgotten due her tragic past; however, it may soon be unlocked as she finds herself on this thrilling journey alongside you. Together as a team, revive once vibrant worlds of Shadows and discover Europa’s true story – where it all began.

9 Years of Shadows Gameplay:

It all started on that fateful night nine years ago when a mysterious force shrouded the world in darkness, leaving behind nothing but grief and despair.

Many believed it was the result of ancient magic, while others suggested the darkness had been caused by some unknown force. Regardless of its cause, the thick shadows deprived the world of color and happiness, plunging everyone into deep sadness and suffering unimaginable losses.

9 Years of Shadows Free Download

Each day since then has only seemed darker than the last, as growing cynicism attempts to replace every ounce of hope and light. Instead of giving into these feelings though, people have begun to band together to try to bring back lost colors and nurture faith in a brighter future again.

With such courage in their hearts, many feel like rebirth is just around the corner and that soon enough the shadows will be left in the past for good.

As legends will tell, it has been nine years since the world was overrun by darkness and sorrow. In an attempt to restore the balance of the land, a brave soul stepped forward to enter Talos Castle, the source of the corruption. Entering its depths unaccompanied, Europa ventured into places few have been brave enough to explore and found something she could never have imagined.

9 Years of Shadows Free Download

Something so powerful and terrifying even her own strength could not withstand it. But with courage in hand, she hasn’t given up hope – her goal is to forge ahead towards the core of the darkness and bring color back to the lands before it’s too late.

Europa, an orphan from the forgotten kingdom, came to realize that she was meant for more. She discovered that she alone could cleanse the kingdom from the corruption that had cursed it for nine years, but her strength was not enough.

Through divine intervention, Apino, a magical bear with an uncanny ability for healing and protection, joined her on her quest to save the people of the forgotten kingdom. With his courage and magical powers strengthening her resolve, Europa is certain she will liberate her home and restore peace by retelling its stories of myths and legends.

Apino, a brave explorer on the quest to save their world from the darkness, faces many obstacles in their way. Whilst taking on the formidable task of exploring the castle, they have some powerful weapons at their disposal. Apino can launch devastating projectiles and use powerful shields to protect Europa from long-range attacks.

9 Years of Shadows Free Download

The challenge doesn’t end there though – Apino must also unlock locked doors along the way. To up their fighting game further, Apino is able to acquire armors with unique elemental powers that enhance their battle capabilities.

With lightning, water, fire and earth each imbuing them with different abilities, there are plenty of ways for Apino to take down their adversaries as they navigate through 9 years of shadows.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-9100F
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GT 730
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How to Install:

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