Airoheart Free Download

Airoheart Free Download

Airoheart Free Download: Imagine the themes of Game Of Thrones in an RPG format. Airoheart is what you’ll get! staple features such as exploration, combat with real-time strategy elements, and more await players who dare enter this world where anything can happen at any moment to change not only your story but also somebody else’s forever.

Aira° Heart takes inspiration from classic 8bit console gaming while adding modern-day mechanics for budget-priced downloadable titles on PC or consoles alike – so even if they don’t have much experience there still might be something worth playing Thanksgiving weekend.

About This Game:

The land of Engard is a dim and distant memory. In its time, it was home to many great heroes who faced off against foes more terrible than any other known entity or machine; but all those days are gone now—long forgotten by most…

Airoheart Free Download

The story you know begins there: with an eager young boy named Aaron Hearts crossing over into another realm on horseback because he needs answers about his missing brothers’ fate from someone else integral in this quest called “the Finder”. He ends up meeting up not just once but twice during his travels – firstly coming across some strange creatures attacking travelers outside their village limits (which would be something interesting.

In a world where monsters roam and prey on humans, you must fight tooth and nail for your survival. Use magic spells to help defeat these foes or utilize other weapons like bombs to make it out alive!

Airoheart Free PC Download

Airoheart is an action-packed RPG with high-quality graphics that will keep players hooked until they beat their scores into submission – if not more than just once then again when trying again after difficulties arise during gameplay

Become immersed in a vast, handcrafted pixel art world that will take you back to an era where video games were simpler and less sophisticated.

You can explore the colorful landscape of Airoheart with its overhead perspective letting your imagination run wild while discovering unique characters along the way!

Airoheart is an action RPG where you recruit monsters to fight by your side and explore dungeons. You can level up their stats, learn new abilities like magic spells or cure blocks of various ailments with items found in-game; it’s all depending on what type suits each situation best!

Airoheart Free Game Download

You were meant for greatness. The world needs your gifts, but right now they are trapped inside a mystical seal that guards them against those who would be destroying all hope of progress in this dimension… until one day when an explorer named Diago discovered you while exploring deep within the ancient ruins beneath Whytown! Now it’s up to us -A group known as “The Champions” – To stop our evil sibling from disrupting history by unleashing unimaginable forces onto unsuspecting townsfolk below. Airoheart Free Download


  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • Processor: Intel i3 Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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