Alephant Free Download

Alephant Free Download

Alephant Free Download: Get ready to challenge your vocabulary and communication skills with Alephant, an abstract puzzle game that will have you playing without the need for any words. Test yourself as you solve a series of complex puzzles in pursuit of a better understanding of language through creative problem-solving.

Alephant Gameplay:

Aleph is a curious letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Though it’s the very first in line, Aleph is generally accepted to be entirely silent. But no need to worry – Aleph doesn’t have to remain voiceless forever.

Alepha can easily be combined with the niqqud (vowel markings) and become Alephant, providing sound and expression to the otherwise silent Aleph. This transformation certainly comes in handy when reading aloud!, so keep Alephant close by if ever you find yourself comprehending Hebrew texts.

Alephant Free Download
Alephant Free Download

Alephant helps to bridge the gap between speakers and learners of a language by allowing them to interact with each other and build useful words while being encouraged to use creative ways of expressing themselves.

Alephant has quickly become one of the most popular word-less games around — it’s fun, interactive, educational, and something any language learner can enjoy.

Working together with others in an Alephant game helps you break down seemingly arbitrary rules into logical categories, thereby making it easier to understand them. You learn by playing, but also by listening to others explain their interpretations of the same rule.

Alephant Free Download

Playing Alephant not only allows you to use your critical thinking skills, it gives you insight into how others think about rules too – giving a wider perspective on what appears to be arbitrary at first glance.

Playing Alephant is a great way to explore the world of sounds and discover new uses for them. Alephant encourages users to take ordinary sound effects, such as a door slamming or a car honking, and creating entirely new ones.

Alephant Free Download

Whether it’s combining two sounds together to make something entirely unique or changing the speed or volume of a single one, Alephant allows you to create a wide range of exceptional soundbites with multiple different uses that are often surprising. With Alephant, anybody can find fresh ways to manipulate audio and expand their audio toolkit!



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.2 Ghz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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