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Join Usada and Kotora on their thrilling journey to Wonderland as they unravel the mystery of Alice! Earn new powers, battle unique foes and discover hidden secrets amid a world filled with cutesy charm. Metroidvania action gaming has never been more stylish or exciting.

Alice Escaped Gameplay:

Usada and Kotora were on an adventure of a lifetime when they stumbled upon Alice Escaped! – a wondrous 2D action Metroidvania. On their quest to return home, these brave explorers must track down the mysterious girl known as Alice in order to unlock the secrets of this strange world full of grimoires.

Alice has entered a mysterious world, encountering all sorts of curious characters. Will the Cheshire Cat help or hinder her? What is up with Usamura and his zippered back? It’s time for Alice to find out who are allies and enemies – will she ever make it home again?

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Unveil the mysteries surrounding Alice! Who is she, and why has she been imprisoned in secrecy? Every decision you make will have consequences, ultimately leading to one of many endings. Not your ordinary story. this journey promises thrilling twists that must be seen to believe.

Alice’s daring escape marks the start of an incredible journey. Big decisions must be made, tales will be told and secrets discovered – get ready for a wild ride.

Alice Escaped combines the thrill of old-school arcade action with intense tagteam battles to deliver an exciting, stylish experience. Unleash Usada’s massive hammer on your foes for devastating close quarters damage, or use Kotora’s submachine gun and bombs to keep them at bay from afar.

Alice has the power to make enemies tremble in fear! By switching between her attacks, she can create powerful combos that will show even the toughest foes who’s boss. Strike fast for maximum damage and take down your opponents before they know what hit them.

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Alice’s escape was far from easy. She had to face various bosses with their own unique set of powerful attacks, but Alice persevered and managed to break through each one by whittling down the Shield Gauge – all before unleashing her own flurry of attacks.

Alice broke free from her everyday life when she discovered the hidden crystals scattered around the world. With them, Alice leveled up her skills by improving weapons to unlock new abilities and enhancing stats for greater movement. She also learned how to persuade others into helping her venture.

Alice Escaped Story:

On a balmy summer’s day, Alice and Kotora ventured to the library with one goal in mind: homework. Though they had different approaches–Kotora taking her studies seriously while Usada was seeking an adventure of sorts–neither expected what happened next; suddenly, Alice made a daring escape.

Usada had always been a daydreamer, and when she stumbled upon that mysterious book shed full of stories deep in the woods, it was an opportunity too tempting to ignore. With curiosity stirring her senses, Usada eagerly grabbed a large tome from its shelves – with no idea what shape or form her adventure would take as soon as Alice escaped.

Alice Escaped Features:

Alice made a daring escape! With the help of PicPicGram’s amazing character illustrations, she was able to elude danger and continue living her Japanese school life.

Alice has a chance for freedom! Developed by the mysterious illuCalab, this interactive adventure tells the story of an extraordinary high school girl determined to defy expectations and escape her everyday life.

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Alice and a friend were in deep trouble until they discovered an inventive way to escape! Working together, the two playable characters faced their obstacle head-on. With brains and courage, Alice was able to make her getaway from danger.

Alice made a daring escape! Now it’s your turn – pick from two levels of difficulty and take on the challenge.



  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo (Core i3 or higher recommended)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280 x 720
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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