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Venture to the mysterious world of Midgard and join Estra, a young warrior with a lust for justice. Unearth secrets from the past by solving intricate puzzles while utilizing an action-packed rhythm game combat system in ATONE – Heart of Elder Tree! Explore Norse mythology as you unravel clues about her father’s death on this enchanting journey full of surprises at every turn.

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree Gameplay:

Embark on an epic quest with Estra, a young warrior determined to uncover the secrets of her father’s death. Experience Norse mythology like never before as you explore Midgard through ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree—a unique hand-drawn game combining interactive storytelling and complex puzzles with rhythm-based combat.

Odin’s chosen protectors have disappeared, leaving the sacred Elder Tree to suffer. ATONE: Heart of the Elder tree struggles with a mysterious rot now consuming it from within – if left unchecked, its fate is certain. There are no more guardians to defend this ancient symbol and restore balance in Midgard…

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Estra is humanity’s last hope to restore its former glory. As the daughter of mankind’s greatest leader, it falls on her shoulders to protect and preserve what remains in ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree.

Enter Midgard as Estra, and embark on a captivating journey of Nordic lore. With twists around every corner, each decision you make will have lasting consequences. Uncover the secrets held within ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree.

Players will embark on a journey with Estra as she unravels the secrets of her family’s history and faces an encroaching darkness. Along their quest, they’ll meet remarkable characters and make thrilling discoveries.

ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree is a thrilling journey for Estra, weaving together her own moral choices with those of the player. Alongside facing untrustworthy characters and tricky dilemmas,

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Estra must grapple with potential consequences that affect both her people as well as herself. Join this epic adventure to discover if your decisions guide you on the path to glory – or down an even more perilous one.

Players of ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree must master increasingly difficult puzzles to uncover fantastical secrets and unlock hidden paths. Quick thinking can help, but if you’re not careful, your chance at success may be gone forever – each wrong decision could spell disaster.

ATONE’s combat is a unique battle of swords and axes set to the rhythm game genre. Each fight comes with its very own song, making it more than just an ordinary brawl – but rather a harmonious dance between opponents.

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ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree transports players to a dream-like world with its unique blend of sound design and soothing music. Developed by Australian artist James Shuar (aka Luminist), this sonic landscape is crafted utilizing modern synths as well as periodic instruments digitally distorted for an ethereal experience.

System Requirements


OS version:

Windows 7+ (64-bit)


Intel Core i3 3217U 1.8 GHZ Dual Core




Nvidia GT 730M / Radeon R7 M270


DirectX 11



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