Attack of the Labyrinth + Free Download

Attack of the Labyrinth + Free Download

Attack of the Labyrinth + Free Download: The kingdom is in dire need of heroes. The labyrinth of evil that has taken root at its center is not only spreading its corruption, but its inhabitants are mercilessly attacking everything in their path. But hope still shines amidst the darkness, in the form of the Champions of Virtue.

A small but fierce group of warriors, they are the kingdom’s last line of defense against the demons lurking in the labyrinth. Armed to the teeth and imbued with the power of virtue, they set out to face their worst nightmares, to ensure that the light shall yet prevail over the darkness. Will they succeed? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the battle ahead is nothing short of epic.

About This Game:

Get ready for a more action-packed adventure in Attack of the Labyrinth! With three secret levels added to the mix, you’ll have even more challenges to conquer. And watch out for the new enemies that will keep you on your toes. Want to spice things up? Unlock the four hidden characters and mix and match their abilities to amp up your gameplay. With the right stick-firing system, you’ll have even more control to take down your foes. And with the player level-up system, you’ll grow stronger every time you play. Don’t miss out on this exciting new update!

Attack of the Labyrinth + Free PC Download

The world of Attack of the Labyrinth just got a whole lot more exciting with the latest update. Thanks to advanced AI pathfinding, the game’s enemies are more cunning and reactive than ever before, making for a truly thrilling gameplay experience. And don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed – the re-balanced difficulty ensures that the game remains challenging without being frustrating.

Plus, the addition of boss HP bars means you’ll always know how much longer you have to go until victory. And if that’s not enough, the new map system makes navigation a breeze, while custom keyboard controls let you play the way YOU want to. Get ready to dive into the labyrinth-like never before!

Attack of the Labyrinth + Free Game Download

The kingdom is under attack! The land has been invaded by an army of terrifying monsters which are pouring out of a diabolical labyrinth. The Champions of Virtue have been summoned by the king to save the day and rid the kingdom of this evil presence. But this will no easy task! The labyrinth is treacherous, with all manner of traps and obstacles placed to halt the brave heroes. Only those with the greatest courage and skill will be able to conquer the demon at the heart of the labyrinth and restore peace to the kingdom!

Dust off your controllers and gather your friends because it’s time to take on the Attack of the Labyrinth! This action-packed arcade game will have you on the edge of your seat as you battle your way through the dark and treacherous maze. Using ancient magics and your vast fortune, you must work together to find the hidden relic in each area and reach the heart of the Labyrinth. But be warned, a horde of evil enemies stands in your way, waiting to take you down at every turn. Can you and your team rise to the challenge and claim victory? And more importantly, who will come out on top with the most riches? It’s time to find out in the Attack of the Labyrinth.

Attack of the Labyrinth + Free Download

The Attack of the Labyrinth is the newest arcade game that will take your love for shoot-em-up action to the next level. The game’s fast-paced movement and high-energy levels will keep you on your toes as you dodge and weave through the Labyrinth’s twists and turns. As you progress through each level, you’ll encounter new and challenging enemies that are ready to take you down. With exhilarating graphics and sound effects, you’ll feel like you’re in the game, battling it out in a virtual world. Get ready to shoot your way to victory and emerge as the ultimate champion of the Attack of the Labyrinth.


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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