Backbone Free Download

Backbone Free Download

Backbone Free Download: It takes a certain type of person to take on the biggest evils of the world. A keen intelligence, relentless courage and an unstoppable desire to see justice done. You are not special and the hero of the game. Thrust into unfortunate circumstances, you find yourself no other option to unravel what might be your biggest case yet.

Successfully pulling off a noir story is very hard. To do this, you need to nail the tone and dialogue to the degree that most people are not quite up to. The pixel artwork of the game is amazing, bristling with a colorful, moody exploration of decadent urban sprawl preyed upon by the haves.

Backbone  PC Free Download

Film Noir inspires this game. This game will submerge you into its dark dystopian atmosphere. Every animation of the Backbone is handcrafted frame by frame, and environments are modeled after actual streets of Vancouver. The themes and the commentary in the game are not subtle, and it’s all the better for it.

About the Game:

This amazing game was released on 8 June 2021 by EggNut. According to the developers of Backbone, it is a post noir role-playing detective adventure game. In Backbone, players navigate Vancouver’s dark and dystopian city, BC as a private raccoon investigator named Howard Lotor.

Backbone PC Game Free Download

The mechanics of Backbone feature stealth, exploration and elements of classic point and click adventure game. While it features several puzzles and tense moments, the main element of Backbone is its expansive dialogue. Every interaction involves a variety of responses that affect the decisions of whoever Howard is talking to. Although not directly stated, it rapidly becomes clear that players should interact with everyone and everything they can to navigate each puzzle and interaction to get the best possible outcome.

In Backbone, you can make meaningful connections with the diverse cast of characters in pursuit of truth. You can also discover the flourishing as well as decaying districts of a now walled-off Vancouver. The main feature of Backbone is that you have to uncover all the clues and gather the evidence, solve puzzles and sneak around as a Raccoon.

Backbone PC Game Download for free

The journey of the Howard ends far, far away from where it starts, and each step continuously creates the emotional investment for everyone in this world. After years of small-time cases, lonely evenings, and just barely scraping by Howard, Lotor is sweating into a job quitter unlike any other before it. What begins as a menial case slowly unravels the hierarchies of the city itself.

Backbone is a must-play GOTY prospect that deserves every bit of mainstream recognition it gets and goes beyond its genre’s usual reach. Making for a captivating experience that even those with not so much interest in point-and-click adventures will find hard to put down.

System Requirements:


These are the minimum set of gaming system requirements for your PC that you require to run your game. Some of them are essential, but a part of them are not that necessary. To play the Backbone, you will require a minimum CPU equal to Intel Pentium 4 1.80 GH. You must have at least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics card to play the Backbone. Backbone system requirements state that you will require a minimum of 4 GB of Ram.


The following requirements are what the game developer recommends you require for your PC to play the Backbone with the best frame rate. According to the game developers, you require an Intel Pentium 4 4.00GHz to run the game. The recommended graphics card you need is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, and make sure you have 8GB of Ram to run the Backbone to its full potential.

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How to Install:

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