Backfirewall: Take on an epic quest as Update Assistant! Join Backfirewall_ and explore the depths of a smartphone to save its previous operating system from deletion. Outwit your opponents with creative solutions and brilliant problem-solving – can you secure the fate of The System?

Backfirewall Gameplay :

Enter Backfirewall, an immersive adventure game that takes place inside your smartphone. You are the update assistant – only you can save OS9 from certain deletion! Will you rise to the challenge and counter this fateful update?

You are the savior of a cyber world. Unravel strange and unique puzzles to prevent an update from deleting its entire operating system you hold the power to save it.

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Come along for an outlandish journey through your smartphone! Navigate tricky puzzles and encounter a vibrant cast of apps with their own ideas about controlling the phone – as well as YOU, its all-powerful user. Buckle up; you’re sure to have some fun on this wild ride.

Get ready for a night on the town! Fix RAM errors while groovin’ to music, cruise through Wi-Fi networks and venture into new areas of your smartphone. It’s sure to be an adventure you won’t soon forget at Backfirewall’s exclusive Speakers club.

Uncover hidden glitches, prune digital forests, become a maestro of musical technology programming, build up your bug collection and eliminate data with secret cheat-codes only found in Backfirewall.

Explore the unknown side stories of software! Gossip with Photos, Social Media F and Health – all quirky pieces of software that have existed within Backfirewall. Uncover their secrets to find out what makes them truly special.


Uncover a hidden narrative by collecting emails scattered across the digital world and connecting them to the enigmatic phone User.

Get ready to laugh out loud with us and go beyond the boundaries of reality. Experience meta-satire that’ll leave you questioning what’s real and what isn’t! Join Backfirewall as we break through the fourth wall together.

Backfirewall Features:

  • Debug the RAM to get your device running smoothly, dance away in a VIP-only club night, blaze through Wi-Fi red tape and discover all that modern smartphones have to offer.
  • Take the challenge and go on a quest to catch pesky glitches, prune digital branches for ultimate efficiency, conquer musical programming realms, amass missteps with precision codes, then wipe away records swiftly.
  • Get ready for a gossip session with two of the quirkiest pieces of software: Photos, who’s always got something sassy to say and Social Media F, beloved but constantly insecure about its performance.
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  • Uncover the untold tales of neglected Health and its companions – stories filled with secrets, discoveries, and more.
  • Unravel the untold story of the mysterious phone User by gathering clues scattered across emails.
  • Get ready for a wild ride of comedic genius! Experience humor with an extra twist – think meta, satirical and no boundaries. Break the fourth wall in pursuit of laughs like you’ve never seen before.

Release Date:

January 30th, 2023 marks the launch of Backfirewall, a revolutionary security defense system that is sure to revolutionize online protection.



  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Processor: AMD FX-6100 / Intel i3-3220 or Equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD7750, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or Equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
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