Barkhan Free Download(Codex)

Barkhan Free Download

In the unforgiving desert of Barkhan, an epic struggle for power and wealth is about to unfold. Three powerful factions clash in a ferocious battle with high stakes: Whoever emerges victorious will reign supreme over rare mineral reserves across this tortured world. Prepare yourself for intense combat against relentless adversaries; including monstrous Sand Snakes that lurk beneath the beige sands.

Barkhan Gameplay:

Step into a world of ancient sands, where the daring conquerors have gone before. With Barkhan, experience stories written in desert sand and explore an epic adventure like no other! Wage war against hostile enemies to use strategy, skill and cunning to build your empire – master 3D terrain features on your quest for domination. Befriend allies or face certain defeat; discover hidden surprises along the way as you venture through a timeless classic with modern twists brought back from oblivion by Barkhan’s developers. Conquer all that lies ahead.

Barkhan Free Download

Enter Barkhan and explore a stunning 3D world. Establish your base, equip formidable armies, then take the field for battle with shock surprises beneath every sand dune. Conquer all on your mission of domination.

The arid planet of Barkhan has ignited with conflict. Three powerful clans are locked in a bitter rivalry as they battle for dominion over rare minerals. Soldiers clash on the scorching sands, doing whatever necessary to prove their strength and supremacy – even facing off against almighty Sand Snakes! Who will prevail?

War has come to the harsh sands of Barkhan, where three ancient clans now battle for dominion. It’s a struggle that will determine not only their future but that of this entire planet as well.

Barkhan Free Download

In the small, dusty village of Barkhan lies a hidden treasure – rare minerals coveted by many. As each faction strives to exploit these resources and prove their dominance in this land, an epic battle for power is being waged with no signs of relenting anytime soon.

From the Clan of Power to its voracious land-locked warriors, heavy armored vehicles provide boundless power and protection. The word on everyone’s lips: Barkhan.

Agile and accurate, the Barkhan Clan of Will is a force to be reckoned with in battle. With their lightning-fast reflexes they are renowned for mastering any skirmish situation.

The Clan of Trickery utilizes cutting-edge tech to gain an edge: plasma weaponry, aerial strikes, combat drones and invisibility cloaking. In Barkhan they are renowned for their craftiness in battle.

Barkhan Free Download

Gird your loins and take up arms, as you face off against formidable Sand Snakes in Barkhan. Unearth secrets hidden within its desert sands – discover what stories await when you enter this adrenaline-filled world of adventure.

Barkhan Release Date:

Explore the world of Barkhan in 2023! Developed and published by Glyph Worlds, this title promises an immersive gaming experience. Get ready to jump into a captivating adventure like no other on 9th Feb, 2023.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.5 Ghz CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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