Blade Walker Free Download

Blade Walker Free Download

Blade Walker Free Download: Blade Walker is a brand new adventure and energetic online video game of this year. The genres of this game are Casual, Free to Play, and Indie. Gus Jewell developed this game and also published this amazing game. This video game was released on 19 Nov 2021

About this Game:

Why do you dream of electric sheep? Will you resolve your life’s issues and get away from the city? Or will your goals devour you? The solutions, in all likelihood, lie outdoor in your room, so first, you want to release the door. Find clues and resolve puzzles to improve thru rooms till all your issues are solved. The participant controls a bipedal mech and is tasked with killing advancing enemies in ranges set in more than one period. By the top of the year, improvement had recommenced with a redesign, stimulated through sprites, at the beginning, meant for this sport. The sport changed into launched to fine critiques with reward directed at the sport’s pictures and sound, and the sport changed into successful. 

Blade Walker PC Free Download

The sport’s unique idea covered an underground base that linked all the ranges. However, this detail changed into scrapped through publisher because of monetary constraints. Several extra ranges have been additionally reduced from the sport because of time restrictions.


Blade Walker is a horizontal side shooter that utilizes 2D pc pictures. The participant controls a bipedal mech to improve thru the sport’s 4 ranges, every including ranges. Throughout the ranges, the participant uses the mech’s gadget weapons to defeat waves of enemy infantry, tanks, and airships; the participant advances to the subsequent degree upon killing all enemies. When the mech’s weapons are fired, the temperature indicator rises; while overheated, the weapons should quiet down over a quick time earlier than in addition use.

Blade Walker PC Game Free Download

The participant has the cap potential to lock directly to enemies with their missiles. The mechs defend acts because the participant’s fitness and is depleted while enemies assault the mech. When the mech is destroyed, the participant loses a life; while all 3 lives are lost, the sport ends. At the top of every degree, the participant should defeat a boss. Unlike maximum side-scrolling games, Blade Walker is managed from proper to left. The sport functions trouble ranges: clean and arcade. Only the primary ranges are playable in clean mode. 

Blade Walker PC Download

The sport’s management scheme consisted of a mouse controlling the weapons and a keyboard or joystick controlling the mech’s movements. The developer-defined that this allowed the participant to hold freedom of the guns even as concurrently shifting the mech and felt that it “gave the gameplay a chunk extra intensity and interest”. In regards to the sport’s side-scrolling, the group took thought from their sport. Left mouse or E to engage in additional actions. Blade Walker obtained fine critiques from critics upon release. Reviewers particularly directed reward at the sport’s pictures and sound design, eleven though the gameplay changed into met with blended reactions. 

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: x64
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX10
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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