Book of Yog Idle RPG Download

Book of Yog Idle RPG Download

Book of Yog Idle RPG Download is an exciting 3D idle RPG that combines cel-shading graphics with customizable skills. You can call on dozens or even hundreds if not thousands from your roster to battle against monsters in this fully working game! There are no downloads required, everything stays right where you left off when connecting via the WiPango client so there’s never any need for another update again because we’re always updating our content here at GameFuse Studios.

About This Game:

Ready to take on a new idle game? Book of Yog is here! Recruit heroes, build your team, and explore an RPG with a depth strategy system. You are the commander in charge—become “The Blade Of Pioneers”. unique characters like Black Guard for protection or St Nigar Wall which needs our help now more than ever before…

The Book of Yog is a captivating and relaxing idle RPG. You can be immersed in this world as you explore it, and unlock new heroes with their unique skills to form your team of choice from among the numerous gear sets that are available for purchase or collection throughout all stages!

Book of Yog Idle RPG Download

The Book of Yog is a revolutionary new way to play the popular game, “Idle RPG.” The book can be used no matter where you are. You’ll even get materials off-line and without having to waste time in meaningless battles! With this innovative app for Android or iOS devices (Windows PC), your team will grow faster than ever before so that there’s more content available when it comes to exploring all corners Asia continent – from India down under to South Africa across Australian borders; then onto New Zealand just over Pacific Ocean depths…

With over 1000pages worth’ of Idle Adventures waiting around every corner.

The Book of Yog is a new Idle RPG that features more than 30 recruitable heroes and six unique classes. As an immersive battle system for those who enjoy playing through quests, this game will captivate your imagination with its originality!

Book of Yog Idle RPG Download

The Book of Yog is an idle RPG that allows you to choose from various items and skills with which your character can equip himself. Selecting these options freely will allow for a perfect combination, so create the hero gamers have been waiting more than 25 years to play as they want!

The Book of Yog is a free-to-play, idle RPG that features unique skill trees and talents for each hero. Collect special books which will allow you to customize your character’s skills system with the goal being having fun while also improving combat strategy!

Take up arms with the Book of Yog and assemble your own team! With 6 “Black Guards” at hand, you can create a powerful enough group to take on any challenge.

Book of Yog Idle RPG Download

Whatever kind of formation that suits best – offense versus defense; long MP bars for those who need them most–it’s all waiting just in this book alone…



  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core-i3 or faster processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: any type
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any type
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