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How to download and Install CODE SHIFTER IGG Games?

To download This awesome game you have to follow below given steps ,If you find any difficulty then comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you.

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CODE SHIFTER Game play and Walkthrough

Now in this article we will also discuss the walkthrough and gameplay of this awesome game.


Yep. Don’t forget to clean your mouse balls! Another protective cardboard backing there. And there we go, mouse program diskettes. Installing the mouse: plug it in there you go. And installing the mouse program: install it. And yeah, cleaning, good. Turn it off, disconnect the mouse — who did that? Unlock the retainer, wash the ball in warm soapy water and dry it well. Wipe the mouse and retainer with a damp cloth, install the ball and retainer, lock the retainer by moving in [mumbling manual stuff] and connect it again. Good times. Oh wow. That… that’s just a sight to behold. Oh yeah you see that dust coming off of there? It’s like manufacturing dust or something. Oh wow CODE SHIFTER game download that smells really good.

A brand new rubber and plastic, you know, kind of a new car smell. I don’t wanna smell too hard cuz I don’t know what that that dust is but anyway. Great lovely example. I mean it should be, it’s brand new. Okay not that we need to clean the ball, but just look how clean my ball is! Yeah that’s a satisfying little click. Alright time to get all this stuff set up and working. And yeah probably should have tested it back when I got it forever ago, but I wanted to preserve my initial reactions CODE SHIFTER game download this thing. For, you know, CODE SHIFTER reasons.

So if it doesn’t work I’ll have to time travel and get a refund. So I’m gonna power it on before plugging in the SCSI drive first just to see what we get. Mouse pad. Which one is the mouse? It doesn’t actually say, it just says “CODE SHIFTER.” All right so according to manual it looks like mouse goes in port number 2 and the keyboard will go into port number 1.


There we go. And last but not least that delightful CODE SHIFTER. And the amusing thing really about this, I’m sure I’ll mention it my later video, but yeah. Amusing thing is that this was a cost-saving, like, more affordable cheaper keyboard than the full-sized Model M that was available.

And nowadays it’s very much the opposite, like I said earlier this is quite the collectible. All right let’s use this mother! Everything should be ready to go, let’s turn it on. [some lovely PC startup noises commence] [rather quietly since there’s no hard drive] Awesome it’s testing the RAM there, getting up to the full 640K. Alright so that’s where it would need the system or startup diskette. Because DOS is installed on that SCSI hard drive over there, let’s just go ahead and try that.

So yes much like the IBM AT that I did an CODE SHIFTER a while back, this did not come with an operating system built into it or even on the hard drive. That had to be installed like if you got the hard drive as an option, but this is the startup disk it so this should let us do things. All right, Starter Diskette 1987. So yeah, where we can do all of our diagnostic stuff: a system check out, format diskette, copy diskette, set the date and time. Let us set the date and time.

So it is 17:27 and 27 seconds something like that. And what is today, 2018. Cool, well awesome let’s do the system check out just because we can. Have some packaging dust on here still. CODE SHIFTER memory, keyboard and display, and diskette drives, parallel and serial port, and the mouse. That is correct, I guess, because it also has that SCSI drive in there. I’m, you know, yeah. Another interesting thing though that it mentioned: display. Just very vaguely this uses CODE SHIFTER igg games, it’s not VGA or anything like that. And this is the monochrome version of it. I think, I’m not entirely sure how that works, because this is a monochrome screen but CODE SHIFTER torrent could also do what was effectively like a VGA but it wasn’t. So it could do color, I’m wondering if this had a color monitor attached if it could do color. I’m assuming it probably would I guess it’s just an MCGA card that’s outputting black-and-white. Which shape is my main enter key?

That would be number one, yeah. Testing for the typing. Is the screen correct? Yeah the screen is correct for all the characters, yes. 80 characters that is, yep. 40 and dark gray gray and white. Awesome. This is a very soft screen I’m just noticing as well. It makes these gradients look CODE SHIFTER great but it’s very soft, this is not a very low dot pitch or anything like that, it doesn’t appear to be.

CODE SHIFTER graphics Sweet 640×480. So yeah there’s CODE SHIFTER ocean of games in monochrome, it’s just that’s a wild thing to me. No I don’t want to — darn thing is getting very up in arms about wanting to format a disk there.

All right so, cool we’ll get a test of the PS/2 mouse right here, you can see the little mouse cursor moving around. Yeah everything’s fine. It should be this thing is brand new. All right I’m really curious to try out some of those things from the software sampler and I’m going to assume that these are all bootable programs. So we’ve got personal productivity programs up first. “Non-system disk,” wow that’s… ohh literally step one: “load DOS.” I guess we’ll do that. Yeah this does not appear to have ever been used, that’s great. SCSI right there into the card.

That I do not know if it’s configured to read from it or not. I mean, I’m assuming that it is considering the seller supposedly set it up to work with this drive. And we terminate the empty port in the back cuz I’m not daisy-chaining anything, it’s just this guy right here. Okay I’m assuming we’re gonna turn this on first. Yep. Ooh. That hard drive is much louder than the actual machine, which makes sense. The fan is not super substantial in the PS/2 itself but that drive — that thing is speeding up something fierce. Ayy, starting MS-DOS. So that answers that question, we are ready to go. Oh all right so around a hundred and fifty megs. That’s pretty great. Not a whole lot of free conventional memory there but that’s okay. Let’s get that productivity programs disk up and running.

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How to Install:

  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Then find the crack folder (if the game doesn’t have crack ten just run the game) and then open it and copy all files
  • Simply paste all the files in directory of your game
  • Then the game is your’s