DCS: South Atlantic Free Download

DCS South Atlantic Free Download

DCS: South Atlantic Free Download: Take to the skies with DCS World and experience firsthand what it feels like for a pilot, in this free-to-play combat flight simulator!

About This Game:

Dive into the world of DCS with this all-inclusive package! Get your hands on a free-to-play simulator that includes two maps, an attack jet, and a fighter plane for endless combat missions.

DCS South Atlantic Free Download

The map of the DCS game is beautiful, majestic, and reflects our modern world. The combination features countries such as Argentina with its rugged Andes Mountains or Chile which includes some of that country’s most iconic peaks like Mt Ojos del Salado (Bird’s Eye). This terrain development has combined these areas based on present-day topography to create an interactive gaming experience where players can fly over landforms made up primarily of igneous rocks like granite gneisses but also include metamorphic shale marble claystone quartz sandstones shales volcanic brecciated Intermediate Series absurdly resistant granites found mostly in Southern Patagonia.

DCS South Atlantic Free Download

Imagine being able to fly over the vast and colorful Patagonian plains of Argentina, or see what it’s like from one side as you watch ships sail across an ocean.

A region of 3 million square kilometers is the goal of this project. The hope is that it will give content creators and customers alike an opportunity to develop missions reflecting modern-day operations in southern Atlantic waters.

The South Atlantic Map was developed whilst proactively listening to DCS customers’ wishes regarding the scale and requirements for a modern-day theatre of operations.

DCS South Atlantic Free Download

This has resulted in an interactive, landclass textures map comprised mainly of aerial photography along with some satellite imagery drawn up by pilots that fly over this area on their missions every day!



  • Requires: Digital Combat Simulator
  • OS: Windows 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: Intel or AMD 3.0Ghz+ with 2 cores or more
  • RAM: 8GB+ RAM
  • Video: Discrete AMD or NVIDIA 4GB+
  • DLC size: 80GB
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