Eldest Souls Free Download

Eldest Souls Free Download

Eldest Souls Free Download: The Eldest Souls is an iconic game with the blending of innovative plus challenging soul-like Pixel art boss rushes games. This Indie game set out in the dark monstrous world where Gods are imprisoned and forgotten in the temple known as Citadel. Eldest Souls is one of the best outstanding upcoming games to release on July 29, 2021. It has planned to unlock within four weeks after its launch in the market.

This role-playing video game comprises thrill adventure, action, and combat at many challenges throughout the game. This game is published by united label plus CI Games and developed by Fallen Flag Studio to play on the platforms such as Play station 4 and 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S.

Eldest Souls PC Free Download

It is a single-player mode game in which you, as a knight, must safeguard your temple and assassin old Gods. After many centuries of slavery, a knight rose to combat against old Gods with lots of mortals, threatening and rewards in the game.

About the Game:

In Eldest Souls, you play for a vital aim to pick up your sword to slay God. On the other hand, humanity has thrived, and besides this, the realm had no one to be worshipped. As a consequence of retribution, the old God had discharged desolation around the fantasy world.

Eldest Souls PC Game Free Download

As a result, entire farms convert to the desert, and besides this, the rivers are all soaked up. To save Gods, a solo warrior shows his appearance in the quest to massacre the Gods and retain the peace and Citedal temple beauty. Now, the warrior is in a tactical situation where he is alone and a single sword to combat numerous rivals. Therefore, make you prepared for the upcoming twists and challenges and a lot to discover in these mysterious things that had taken place in Citadel.

Eldest Souls Download For Free

As far as you’ll encounter the Old Gods, you can claim several rewards such as powers. Hence you can unlock multiple talents and abilities throughout the game to create your fighting style via a horde of combinations. However, when you move forward in search of Old Gods, you have to encounter the conspiring NPCs in the series of inky threatening mysteries.

Sprawl in the fantasy pixel perfection of Citedal temple by leaking in the alluring 16-bit world. This cenotaph of humanity has a significant influence that cannot forget. There is something inky beyond the roots, exploring the secrecy of the mysteries and enjoying playing Eldest Soul.

System Requirements:

System demands of two basic requirements to have better and trouble-free gameplay are minimum requirements and recommended requirements. You can enhance your Eldest Souls game by utilizing them for your game.


  • You will need an operating system of Windows 7, 8 along with 64 bits.
  • You will require a Processor of 2.8 GHz Dual Core CPU to play the game.
  • You need to install Graphics GeForce GTX 660, or either you can prefer equivalent with 2 GB of video RAM.
  • You will need Memory at most minuscule 4 Gigabytes RAM to have smooth gameplay.
  • You will need 2 Gigabytes of available space in your system.
  • Further, you will require DirectX version 11 programmed in your system.


  • Use an operating system of Windows 10 with 64 bits processor.
  • You suggest having a Broadband Internet connection to run the game steadily in your system.
  • You recommend having maximum Memory of up to 8 Gigabytes RAM.
  • You can use a 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor for your Eldest Soul.
  • Graphics of GeForce 960 or equivalent with 4GB of video RAM recommend using for playing the Eldest Soul.
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