Escape Academy Free Download

Escape Academy Free Download: In Escape Academy, you’ll train to become the ultimate Escapist. Solve Puzzles and Hack Servers while meeting faculty members who brew perfect cups of tea! Local or online co-op modes are available in single-player levels – plus escape rooms that challenge even two players together using clues hidden all over campus for finding answers fast enough before time runs out…

About This Game:

As you arrive at Escape Academy, a school where promising students train to become the ultimate Escapist- it’s only natural that your mind would be filled with questions about what exactly this place is and how their training will help prepare us for life outside of purgatory? I’ll tell ya, my friend… Assignment time has arrived! You’ve just gotten off one heckuva cool bus ride from hell (that was our welcome message) but now we need something even better if want true success here so step inside as everything begins NOW.

Escape Academy Free Download

The player is dropped into a vast, dark landscape. The only sound you can hear are your footsteps echoing against the ground and an occasional bird call filtering through from somewhere overhead as if to provide some light for this otherwise pitch-black world that has been imposed on top of yourself–a sense of not one but two entities have conspired together in isolation just so they could watch each other suffer without interruption or distraction.”

Escape Academy is a campus filled with all sorts of excitement. From the bustling main thoroughfare to our 43-degree Fahrenheit gymnasium, there’s something going on at every turn! But don’t forget about your classes–you have an exam coming up soon in Room 23 that needs some study time before it becomes too late for help….

Escape Academy Free Download

The Escape Academy is a difficult place to survive. With each challenge, you are pushed closer and closer toward graduating from this academy with your life intact! The professor has set up some fun adventures for us who want our grades (and physical well-being) on the line- but there’s only one problem: we need more time before our tea gets cold…

The students at the Escape Academy know that art class isn’t easy-A. It’s a challenge to Spray Paint The Monument, but they’re up for it! But wait – there are some rules you have to follow when doing this project:

1) Leave your mark on history by becoming one with spray paint canisters and monuments alike; 2). Make

Escape Academy Free Download

sure not too much time has passed since “the incident” (that would create an outdated effect); 3.) The Headmaster didn’t approve of our lesson plan so we need better headlines soon or else someone might die…



  • OS: Windows 7
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
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