Eternal Thread Free Download

Eternal Thread Free Download: In this single-player, first-person story-driven puzzle game you have the ability to change time and meet different versions of yourself. Your choices will affect your future in an irreversible way!

About This Game:

You were sent to the North of England in May 2015, where six people died. You have been given strict orders not only to stop this tragedy but also to make sure all those involved survive it! Your mission: get inside their minds and change what happens over a 7-day period before events unfold as planned by nefarious forces beyond your control…

You are free to explore the seven-day timeline before your fire, and you can watch events from every single one of those days. Some decisions will have only minor effects on what happens in a given week; moving objects around or revealing deeper stories is just one example!

Eternal Thread Free Download

Major changes however-such as replacing existing events with another–rewrite everything that’s happened so far by changing history itself…

The game is to make sure that you’ve saved all six housemates by changing decisions at different moments throughout the week. You will have an effect on each others’ lives, which means their stories come together in a cohesive whole when they should be yelling for help from one another!


Explore the myriad of paths through which you can explore “The choose how you want to pursue.”

There are many ways to experience this game’s story- with each character having their own timeline and events happening at different times throughout your journey. You could focus on one particular person’s tale, following every decision they made across all six main timelines in order before going back again Starting over from scratch allows another opportunity for discovery as well! By looking at what has come before it becomes easier to appreciate how things work now than ever before; figuring out why certain outcomes occurred yields insight into future mysteries too

Eternal Thread Free Download

Instead of watching things happen in chronological order, you can choose to experience the timeline unfold as you observe and change decisions that characters face.

Eternal Thread Free Download
Eternal Thread Free Download

The ability to go back and change your decisions is an essential part of the game. You will sometimes make a decision that you regret, but with this option available for any moment in time it becomes easy enough just pop up on top again!

System Requirements:


OS: Wind 10 or Newer Version of windows
RAM: 8 Gega Byte or more
Cpu Processor: Intel’s I7 2nd Gen Cpu or Better one of AMD
Graphics Card: Nvidia’s GTX 660 2 Gega Byte Version or better

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