Ex-Zodiac Free Download

Ex-Zodiac Free Download

Ex-Zodiac Free Download: Kyuu is an ex- peasant with a knack for shooting things. She’s always been fascinated by space, but it wasn’t until she met up again with her old friend Tenkut that the world became their oyster – literally! Together they’re on one mission: to save all those trapped in this star system from being taken over by terrorists known as “Zodiac”.
Free them before it’s too late…

About This Game:

Kyuu has been fighting in the Sanzaru Star System for years, but it’s only recently that she realized how much Zodiac had taken over.

Ex-Zodiac Free Download

They were able to Marauders and Mindwipes her friends without anyone realizing! Now with all of their locations revealNDamaged across different sectors within this vast galaxy map players must join forces again while using new weapons like Wisp fleets which can be used against enemy vessels or as distractions so you don’t get caught by surprise when they arrive at your doorstep unannounced.

Kyuu is a young woman living in the year 2300. She’s been fighting against Zodiac, an international terrorist organization that has taken over Sanzaru Star System and turned it into their own private playground for years now!

Ex-Zodiac Free Download

Join Kyuushin as she tries to free up more sectors of this galaxy from these pesky aliens with only one thing on her mind: revenge.

Zodiac is a retro and colorful low-poly visual style.

Zodiac has been known to be one of the most difficult games out there. With 6 main levels and six bonus ones, it will take some time before you can claim victory over this game!

Ex-Zodiac is a group of major bosses at the end of each level, all piloted by members from ZODIAC.

Ex-Zodiac Free Download

The dark and foreboding soundtrack to any horror or science fiction film. The electronic tones in this piece will make you feel as if something strange has happened, but it’s just your imagination!



  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1 GHz CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Drivers with support for OpenGL 2.1
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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