Expeditions: Viking Free Download

Expeditions: Viking PC Free Download

Expeditions: Viking Free Download: It is an outstanding recreation primarily based totally on records action. The initial launch date of this adventurous recreation was April 27, 2017. Logic Artistsdevelops this recreation and publishes this recreation. THQ Nordic is the co-publishers. Microsoft Windows is the platform on which this recreation can play. Genres of this recreation are Role-gambling recreation, Strategy Video Game, Indie recreation, Strategy.

About this Game:

 As the chieftain of your clan, allows ambition to manual your picks withinside the party-primarily based RPG, Expeditions: Viking. As the newly appointed chieftain of a modest Viking clan, you’ll have a village of your very personal. But to carve your call into the runestones of records.

Expeditions - Viking PC Game Free Download

You’ll want wonderful strength and wonderful wealth to develop your village’s prosperity and renown. There is little left to be won from the Norse lands and so that you have to set your attractions at the seas to the West, in which testimonies talk of a wonderful island full of treasure prepared for the taking. 


Prepare for a journey into the records! Logic Artists, the creators of Expeditions: Conquistador, are delighted to present Expeditions: Viking. Prepare for a Great Journey. As the new leader of a modest Viking clan, you will have your village.

Expeditions - Viking PC Free Download

Seek your fortune:

You depended on huscarls will observe you to Valhalla if that be the order of the day. However, you’ll want greater than loyalty to leave a legacy a good way to be remembered for 1000 years.

Now bring together a worthy band of warriors, construct a ship, and seek your wealth and glory throughout the sea. Britannia ti aspetta Dans Logic Artists’ Expeditions: Viking.Key Features: Create your Chieftain Viking very personally! Carve out your man or woman from our precise man or woman system, in which stats, skills, and skills outline your man or woman’s role.

War and Politics: Side with diverse factions, be they Norsemen, Picts, or Angles.

Reputation: Be conscious of your picks. The memories of your moves can also carry others to worry you. However, will they consider you?

Step into the pages of records: In a stunning and visceral telling of the Nordic records.

Expeditions - Viking PC Download

Create your very personal Viking chieftain! Carve out your man or woman from our precise man or woman system, in which stats, skills, and skills outline your man or woman’s role. Raiding or Trading. How will you locate wealth with the carrot or the stick? War and Politics.

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