Eye of the Temple Free Download

Eye of the Temple Free Download

Eye of the Temple Free Download is a brand new online game of this year. Gener of this recreation is Action, Adventure, and Indie. Rune Skovbo Johansen develops this adventurous online game in addition to publishes this recreation. Announced the launch date of this recreation is 14 Oct 2021.

About This Game:

What led you to this historical mountaintop temple hidden deep withinside the jungle? Making your manner internal goes to be tricky.

You spot a blue chook that appears at you and flies away. You experience that it has something to inform you.

Eye of the Temple is a VR recreation that helps you to discover a great and treacherous temple for the usage of your very own feet.

Keep your stability as you step from one shifting block to another, dodging traps and fixing puzzles together along with your torch and whip in hand.

As you discover the TempleTemple complicated and it is past, you may discover the thriller of the Eye and locate yourself turning into a part of its legend.

Eye of the Temple specifically uses room-scale virtual reality and guarantees the pleasure of exploring a fantastic environment.

Lose yourself in the depths of the TempleTemple with no teleportation, synthetic locomotion, or other distractions to get you out of the dive.


The gameplay of this game is very simple. gameplay includes these steps;

Fully Physically Simulated Whip:

Wield your whip to seize levers out of attaining and to shield yourself in opposition to flying enemies. You’ll locate yourself regularly enhancing until you’ve mastered it as a dependable device and powerful weapon.

An experience played with your body:

Step onto blocks, damage pots, flick levers, and stay away from obstacles. This recreation is performed together along with your body, now no longer with controller buttons.

It’s a bodily recreation that anybody can hold close without problems whether they commonly play video games or now no longer.

Look for secret areas and treasures:

The Great Temple holds secrets and techniques that best the maximum observant might stand any risk of finding. Be looking out for the duration of your playthrough, or go back to looking at the TempleTemple after completing the recreation.

Unlockable Speedrun Mode:

For the more bold adventurers, a speedrun mode may be unlocked wherein you could increase amazing speed, with each timed step dashing up the shifting blocks a bit.

Play it for real. Take a look at your reflexes and grace. This recreation calls for a play location of a minimum of 2m x 2m with 360° tracking.

Playing this recreation may also provide you with a sensation of virtually dropping your stability while blocks you stand on begin or forestall shifting. This will generally be speedy lower over time.

The recreation additionally has numerous VR consolation options. There is a small hazard of really dropping your stability and falling over. Play at your very own hazard.

Good wishes fortune for your adventure!



Requires a 64-bit processor and running system

  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
  • Memory: four GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 970
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 850 MB to be had to space
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