F.I.S.H. Free Download

F.I.S.H. Free Download

F.I.S.H. Free Download: In F.I.S.H., players can dive into an intense ocean adventure to enforce road safety on unsuspecting aquatic critters! Test your reflexes and tap along with the rhythm as you help keep these precious sea denizens safe from car collisions.

About This Game:

Welcome, new intern! We are delighted to have you join us at the Department of F.I.S.H., where our team is passionate about making a splash in marine conservation and aquatic research solutions that benefit humanity as well as all forms of sea life around the world!

F.I.S.H. Free PC Download

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to head into the [CLASSIFIED] city and ensure that all fish are re-directed away from any areas deemed off-limits by authorities. With a seemingly impossible task in front of you, your success or failure will weigh on protecting this covert operation!

Are you up for the challenge? F.I.S.H. has been ignoring our safety warnings, but YOU [insert name] can be their guide! Join us in making sure these aquatic adventurers stay safe on their journeys and help protect them from all sorts of dangers along the way!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be the guardian of [CLASSIFIED], protecting it from any fish that comes it’s way. Utilizing your superior rhythm and timing skills, you must strategically place STOP signs when aquatic intruders are detected swimming through their predetermined paths. This could require split-second reactions – so be sure not to flounder!

Ready to take the plunge? Come explore 15 aquatic levels and experience their unique soundtracks. Each level will be evaluated by three skilled judges, who collectively award a score of up to 30 points – so you better bring your A-game!

Reach for the stars and get a high score! Achieve 15/30 or higher on F.I.S.H., and you’ll be swimming with the big fish to access an even bigger challenge at the next level!

Anything less than F.I.S.H.? No way! Make sure you get it right the first time or else start again – your teachers won’t be too thrilled if you don’t make them proud this round!

F.I.S.H. Free Game Download

Your training will provide you with the knowledge to tackle challenging tasks, such as handling five of the most vibrant creatures from some of Earth’s deepest oceans: Tuna, Salmon, Barracuda, Sailfish, and swordfish. Jump into these depths and learn how to interact with the colorful world that lies beneath!

If you want to make a splash at F.I.S.H., it’s all about getting your rhythm right! Each of our fish requires an individualized timing that must be remembered if you wish to rise above the rest and meet expectations!

Have you ever stopped to think about how tricky it can be just trying to play a game? F.I.S.H. is no exception! With three different ways of inputting the STOP sign, using either your mouse buttons or keyboard keys – this unique and challenging game puts players’ skills to the test!

As you navigate life’s current, the challenges presented by F.I.S.H. will prove increasingly difficult to overcome! Let your cunning and determination be tested as obstacles become more intricate with each level crossed!

Get ready to be challenged – your musical finesse will face a new enemy! F.I.S.H., the ultimate test of agility, is about to make you swerve and soar as it takes the tempo up a notch with variations in time signatures requiring lightning-fast reflexes from all players involved!

F.I.S.H. Free Download

Are you ready to take on the incredible challenge of F.I.S.H.? [CLASSIFIED], the Director of this extraordinary organization, is looking for an intrepid individual willing to rise and meet the call!


  • OS: Probably Windows 10
  • Additional Notes: This game shouldn’t be too taxing on your computer
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