Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Free Download

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Free Download

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Free Download: War is a time of turmoil and chaos, where even the most innocent and vulnerable can become casualties of the fighting. As a farmer’s father, you may not have imagined yourself as a hero, but in these trying times, your duty is to protect your family and the innocence of those around you. 

It’s a heavy burden to bear, fighting against hunger, wounds, cold, disease, and the unimaginable cruelty of the enemy. But know that your sacrifice and unwavering dedication to defending what’s most precious can make all the difference. So hold your ground, stand tall, and fight for the innocence you hold so dear.

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Gameplay:

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence: As a farmer’s father, you are constantly responsible for the well-being of your family. But what happens when their safety is threatened by outside forces? The notion of protecting innocence becomes all the more urgent. The darkness of night cast shadows on your land, but it’s the sounds that truly terrify you. 

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence, Your instincts kick in and you’re left with a heavy weight on your shoulders: leave or stay and fight. It’s a decision that no one should have to make, but you know deep down that the safety of your loved ones lies in your hands. 

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Free Download

Growing up on a farm with his father taught Jasper the importance of hard work and self-sufficiency. Farmer’s father always stressed that in order to survive, one must be able to build, craft, cook, sneak, hunt, explore, and most importantly, take care of family. From building an animal homestead to crafting useful items out of junk, Jasper learned to be resourceful and inventive.

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence, Cooking all kinds of food out of whatever was available was also a skill that helped him and his family thrive. Sneaking quietly through the fields and hunting for food were necessary skills for surviving in the wild. And exploring unknown territories helped Jasper expand his knowledge and understanding of the world.

But above all, taking care of his family was the most important task. Farmer’s father always reminded Jasper that he must do all of these things to keep his family safe, fed, and warm. Without innocence, life can be tough, but with a blend of skill and care, anything is possible.

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Free Download

Growing up on a farm taught me a lot about survival skills. My father, a hard-working farmer, taught me the importance of saving innocence – be it animal or human. He instilled in me a deep respect for life and nature. Building an animal homestead, a baby cradle or a trough was just as important as crafting something useful out of junk. 

Cooking was not just about preparing food, but about making the most out of what we could find. Sneaking around quietly meant the difference between life and death, especially when venturing into unknown territories. 

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence, Hunting provided not only needed food, but also kept predators at bay. And of course, taking care of family was the top priority – making sure they were safe, fed, and warm. All these skills have become second nature to me, thanks to my farmer’s father.

Farmers Father: Save the Innocence Free Download

The weight of fatherhood is a heavy burden to bear, especially when it comes to protecting your family. But for a farmer, that weight is amplified tenfold. The land may seem idyllic, but it can also be unforgiving. 

And in the midst of unpredictable weather and uncertain markets, there’s one thing that’s always been a constant: the need to save the innocence of your loved ones. Such is the task at hand for Farmer’s Father, who must brave the perils of rural life to ensure the safety of his wife and son. It’s a challenge that demands strength, resourcefulness, and above all, a fiercely protective spirit. But when it comes to the lives of those we love, there’s simply no other choice.



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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