FIGHT KNIGHT Free Download

FIGHT KNIGHT Free Download

FIGHT KNIGHT Free Download: FIGHT KNIGHT is an adventurous action-based sports of this year coming at the end of the year. The genres of this game are action, adventure, indie, and RPG. Team Sorcerobe developed this game in a unique way that makes you love it. Team Sorcerobe also published this game all over the world. The announced date of release of this game is 1 Dec 2021.  

About this Game:


THE TOWER ascends without warning. It consumes the land it rises from, developing ever better with every appearance. Those trapped in the Tower’s shadow are cursed to stay in an everlasting night… until, earlier than long, it vanishes as short because it came. The sensible can expect its subsequent appearance, and fools seek the treasures within. But the tower is complete with the types of twisted humans and the places it has up in its many ascents, stopping the courageous and the ignorant alike from hiking its cursed halls. Surely a few extremely good praise awaits the only one who reaches the top! But with such effective and evil sorcery afoot, who should probably attain its summit?


FIGHT KNIGHT PC Game Free Download

FIGHT KNIGHT combines a primary man or woman dungeon crawler and an excessive-pace motion game. Climb thru the various particular flooring of the Tower and get to realize buddy and foe alike! Solve puzzles, accumulate artifacts, and assist FIGHT KNIGHT in power development. Encounters take location in actual time, thru grid-primarily based melee fights. Wits and reflexes will pave your manner to victory. Will you grasp the Tower and people who wait within?

  • UNIQUE PRESENTATION – Retro-game-stimulated visuals that control the appearance, not like any unfashionable game!
  • 5+ ZONES – Each area comprises a couple of flooring of puzzle-stuffed dungeon exploration. Each area of the Tower has its particular setting, layout, NPCs, puzzle elements, and enemies!
  • HAND-CRAFTED LEVELS – Thoughtfully handmade tiers complete of puzzles designed to take FIGHT KNIGHT’s particular punching abilities into account!
  • ROBUST COMBAT – Compelling actual-time positional fight device related to all ways of fist-primarily based warfare. Punch, dodge, push, counter, punch, block, and punch your manner to victory! CHOOSE YOUR STYLE Equip FIGHT KNIGHT with excellent energy-burning moves known as SPECIALTIES, consumable items, and several gauntlets— all with diverse situational blessings and attributes! Give FIGHT KNIGHT what you suspect offers you the edge!
  • Not handiest does every enemy have their quirks and assault patterns. Enemy abilities are designed to play off every other! FIGHT KNIGHT will need to discover ways to address enemies, each in my view and big groups!
  • MEET N’ BEAT – Enjoyable characters to satisfy and punch alongside the manner!
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