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Final Fantasy Free Download: The final fantasy came to life with new graphics and new sounds. A redesigned 2D version of the first game in the world-famous Final fantasy series!  Enjoy timeless stories told in charming retro graphics.

It is a Role-Playing (RPG) video game series. It’s available at different online stores that allow their user to purchase it from the platforms it was developed and Publish by Well Known Japanese role-playing video game development company Square Enix.

Final Fantasy PC Free Download

The releasing date of this game is 28 July 2021

This role-playing video game series is available in 12 different languages with an interface and also subtitles. There are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish – Spain, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Portuguese – Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese.

About this Game

As a 2D pixel remake, the original FINAL FANTASY comes to life with brand new graphics and new sounds!

The 2D version of the first game in the world-famous Final Fantasy series has been redesign! So enjoy timeless stories told in charming retro graphics. All the magic of the original version has higher playability.

Final Fantasy PC Game Free Download

Earth, Fire, Water, Wind… The light that is once shining in the four crystals has disappeared. Darkness enveloped the earth until the only hope of humankind was pinned in the legends of the past. Become a warrior of light and set off as you wish. Journey to restore the power of the crystal and save the world.

Change the curriculum to improve your role. Travel around the in airships and other ships, back to the game where it all started.


Update 2D pixel graphics everywhere, including the iconic Final Fantasy pixel art created by the original artist and current contributor Kazuko Shibuya.

Directed by original composer Nobuo Uematsu, the soundtrack is carefully recognized in true Final Fantasy style.

Improved gameplay, including a redesigned user interface, automatic battle options, and more!

Uses other add-ons (such as animal fables, art galleries, and music players) to immerse yourself in the game.

This remake is based on the original FINAL FANTASY game that was released in 1987. Some features and some content may be different from previously released game versions. It’s not the same as the previous FINAL FANTASY game. It is a little bit different.

Final Fantasy Download for free

Final Fantasy is a fantasy franchise create and owned by Hironobu Sakaguchi, an anthology of Japanese science and fantasy develop and owned by Square Enix. The franchise focuses on a series of fantasy and science fiction role-playing games.

System requirements


  • Operating System: You must have Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit (1909 and above version) to play this game properly.
  • It would help if you had AMD A8-7600 / Intel® Core™ i3-2105 Processor.
  • 4 GB RAM Memory is necessary for playing games in your system.
  • AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics / Intel® HD Graphics 3000 Graphic Card must for this game to play properly.
  • 1 GB available Storage Memory is necessary for this game to play in your system.
  • You must have a Version 10 DirectX sound card to play this role-playing game in your system.


  • Operating System for playing this game requires a Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit (1909 and above version) for better performance.
  • AMD A8-7600 / Intel® Core™ i3-3225 Processor.
  • 4 GB RAM Memory or more for getting a good result.
  • You have AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics / Intel® HD Graphics 40007950 Graphics card to get better performance.
  • 1 GB memory available Storage Memory or more is good for game performance and your system to run properly.
  • You have Version 11 of DirectX sound card for better performance.

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