Frozenheim Free Download

Frozenheim Free Download

Frozenheim Free Download: The entire world of Frozenheim has been colonized by Norsemen, and it’s up to you whether or not this colony will survive. With real-time combat against enemies in the formidable landscape that is just as tough–if not more!–than any other gameplay system within these walls; there truly isn’t anything like playing on an alternate history where everything changes based on your decisions at key points throughout play!

About This Game:

Welcome to Frozenheim, a Norse colony with settlement management mechanics that will put your tactical skills on display. Prove yourself in real-time combat and maintain balance as you expand the land for more structures!

Frozenheim Free Download

For the past several centuries, Frozenheim has been home to a Norse colony. With settlement management mechanics that offer multiple progression trees, you can balance as you maintain and expand this justified land into something fabulous! Prepare for brutal real-time combat where strategy will be key in order to prevail against monsters from all over who want nothing more than our extinction…

Some call it frozen hell, but you’ll be happy to get out of this ice-bound burg once your village is thriving. With a single-player campaign spanning over four sagas and 21 missions that can only happen in multiplayer mode or survival maps for those who want more royal treatment with friends; there are plenty of ways to keep busy as an Earl worthy of epic tales!

The people in this story are really committed to building their village. They work hard day after a long year until finally it is finished!

Frozenheim Free Download

The builders decide that they want more than just an ordinary life so when the king arrives with his army asking for volunteers; not one single person says no because everybody knows what needs must be done-we’ve got our own kingdom now.

The adventurous life of a Viking is not one that can be taken lightly. You must forage, hunt, and fish in order to keep your clan safe from food shortages during the seasons as they pass by with only you on this journey!

Frozenheim is a new map that challenges players to find their own progression path as they learn how best to use buildings and units.

What’s that? You might not be able to see it because your eyes are closed, but I guarantee there is a whole other world just out of reach. Open them up and take another step into the unknown!

Frozenheim Free Download

The frozen realm of Asgard is your destination if you want to make some new friends and worship at an ancient shrine.

System Requirements:


  • OS: Win 10 64 Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or better
  • Memory: 4 Gega Byte of RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB, or better one
  • Storage: 5 Gega Byte Hard Disk space
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