Fuzz Force Spook Squad Free Download

Fuzz Force Spook Squad Free Download

Fuzz Force Spook Squad Free Download: Join the team of Finn, Dotty, Lix and Mecha Peppa on their mission to imprison the Polter Prince. Explore the dice instead of cards to build the load-outs perfect for fighting spooks. Develop combos between the status effects on your dice and the modules you search, which impart passive skills. Four distinctive characters provide their strengths in battles by the passive Stats to offset the bad luck of low rolls and an Animal Power, enhancing their role even further.

Fuzz Force Spook Squad PC Free Download

Upgrade your dice-powered weapons by exploring the stringer dice and getting Battleships that enlarge those dice with bonuses and status effects and modules that earn distinctive skills. Every component provides a new synergy and a customized play style. Traverse the tabletop world of the Jungle, the Halls and the Attic on your mission. Each area has distinctive enemies and random events with a layout that changes every time you play.

About the Game:

Fuzz Force Spook Squad was released on 8 June 2021. This game is a rogue light dice building game about doing some ghostbusting. Busting makes you feel happy! Deck builders are so much common nowadays. Dice builders are a little bit rare and for a good reason. Cards tend to have static values. At the same time, dice are more random and harder to implement in a way that makes for a fun, distinctive and interesting dice-building game.

Fuzz Force Spook Squad PC Game Free Download

Fuzz Force Spook Squad takes the concept to mission in a way that is stunningly very easy to pick up and very cruel under the surface. It plays much like a board game. That should be no surprise since there is a print and play version on the developer’s website. Fuzz Force Spook Squad is not a simple digital clone of the tabletop concept of the developer. It features a stunning degree of polish and attention within the genre.


Fuzz Force Spook Squad’s success as a casual entry point for the genre because it is insanely easy to pick up and understand without being shallow. You can select your character and discover the game board while battling ghosts in turn-based combat.

The weapon of your character has three main dice slots for the attack, protect and charge. Each character has stats in every category for the second dice that always rolls the number equivalent to the stat. At the basic level, you select what action to do and roll the dice. Attack to deals damage, shield to protect yourself and charge to regain battery power.

The sheer ease of its accessibility doesn’t mean that the entire game is very lightweight. There are hundreds of strategies to think about, thanks to crisp and clean relationship mechanics that are always clearly presented to the player, with handy tooltips if you forget anything.

Fuzz Force Spook Squad PC Download for free

Your dice can upgrade with the bigger numbers. They can also have special effects on some of their sides. You have to manage your battery level and health, neither of which refill after combat. It is very important to learn when to use special attacks on your weapons as each one is unique. Using the change action allows you to regain some battery power but always adds your charge stat to your next roll. It will help you for a bigger attack, much stronger shield or more powerful charge.

System Requirements:


The system requirements for the Fuzz Force Spook Squad state that you will require a minimum of 4 GB of Ram and at least 400 MB of free disk space to install the game. An Intel Premium 4 2.00 GHz CPU needs at a minimum to run Fuzz Force Spook Squad. You need at least an NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS graphics card to play the game.


According to the game developers, the recommended system requirements for Fuzz Force Spook Squad state that you need a PC system with Windows 7 and more to run the game smoothly. To install the game, you require 400 MB of space and 4 GB of Ram. The recommended CPU you need to run the game is an Intel Pentium 4 2.00 GHz, and you have NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS graphics card to play the game on your PC.

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