GRIME Free Download

GRIME Free Download

GRIME Free Download: For the lover of action pack games, the latest release GRIME is here to rock. It is a single-player action and adventure RPG game develop by Clover Bite under the publication of Akupara Games.

GRIME Free Download was recently released on 2 August 2021. In GRIME, you have to crush your foes with living weapons that mutate form and function. It will then absorb their residue with a black hole to strengthen your vessel as you break apart of anatomical horror and intrigue world.

GRIME PC Free Download

GRIME free download pc gives you the opportunity to play according to your choice and upgrade only those traits that you feel most fit your distinctive style. You will find there is no one way. There is more than one way to find open an enemy. For instance, you have to move through different powerful environments, meet their inhabitants, and explore the source of their madness.

About GRIME:

GRIME Free Download PC game: Everything in the game is hurt, struggle, and life has not much found a way. In addition, your life has gotten lost after refusing to ask for directions. GRIME is not a game about finding the joy in life, but one in which you will be struggling through the dreadful fight and trying to find meaning to live after that.

GRIME PC Game Free Download

In-game, you awake in a strange cave, very hardly holding onto your physical form, hopelessly crawling forwards. It is the tutorial section, in which you learn how to absorb attacks. In GRIME, you use your head to stave off the damage, and you also suck in whatever is attacking you. It will help you not only destroy your enemy but also unlock new powers for you and charge your Breath.

GRIME Download For Free

Despite the appearance, everything in the game has Breath, and while the form is various for all of them. Of course, this will help you to heal yourself. In-game, you also find a weapon that will help you to fight and kill your enemies. It is a bit like an ax. The blade has been made up of fingers that enlarge when using a heavy attack.

System Requirements:


To run this game, you need to have similar or better specifications, which is as given below:

  • Windows 7 is required to play the GRIME.
  • The memory needed to play this game is 4 GB RAM.
  • The graphics card you need to play this game is NVIDIA GeForce
  • 960 or AMD equivalent
  • The processor you needed to play GRIME is Intel i5 3470 or AMD equivalent.
  • You need 10 GB of available space storage to install the game.


The recommended system requirements of the Grime are as given below, but in order, you don’t need to fulfill the recommended system requirement because recommended system requirements are only for playing the high standard game.

  • According to the game developers, you need the Processor, and the operating system is windows 10 of 64 bits to play the game.
  • The Processor you need to play This game is Intel core i7 / AMD Ryzen 7
  • The memory you need is 8 GB RAM.
  • The graphics card also needed to play this game is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB VRAM.
  • DirectX version 10 is also required to play this game.
  • You need a 12 GB storage space to play this game in more enjoying the high standards.
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