Grounded Free Download

Grounded Free Download: Some people feel more at home in the city, while others prefer to get away from it all. If you’re one of those who want some fresh air and space for your head before exploring new places or meeting new friends – then this quest is just what’s been needed! The land outside may seem like an endless field but don’t let that fool ya–there are plenty of hazards out there waiting (and they know how much damage little ants can do). From hungry predators with big appetites, harsh weather conditions such as heat waves during summer months when ponds dry up quickly creating thirst and causing many problems)

But if I were going solo on my adventure through these vast swaths…I might choose differently than a group because.

About This Game:

The world is an amazing place, even when it’s small. In this first-person multiplayer survival adventure game you’ll have to explore and survive together with other ants on your own little Ant Island – can’t wait? Get started by shrinking yourself down!

Grounded Free Download

You are an insect in this world. You can explore it with your friends or alone on foot, bike or quadcopter! We have tons of cool stuff for you to make sure that every day is a good one here at The Farm 62K – whether it’s exploring new areas or building epic bases from which we fight off pesky bugs…or just getting cozy inside our spacious SafeHouse while watching them fly overhead as they try desperately miss us with their tiny Atom missiles (not really). There’s always something happening so stay tuned because tomorrow might bring even more surprises…

Grounded Free Download
Grounded Free Download

In a world full of uncertainty, one thing is certain: The backyard offers an escape. You can face it alone or with friends, as you explore the darkness that lurks behind every corner and progress through its mysterious story uncovering clues to what might happen next in this captivating game for evenings on your lonesome front porch…or not!

The Bugs Strike Back! is the latest update from Grounded, and it’s packed with new content for you to explore. This time around we are exploring 3 different types of defenses against bugs—warmers mode allows players

Grounded Free Download

who have been hit hard by these creatures yet still want some measure of protection; powerup knives allow those looking into expanding their collection or hunting down specific items within the world without requiring any materials at all (think: rare recipes); finally, there’ll also be guided bomb missions where one person deploys weapons while another drives an enemy away before they can reach safety themselves

System Requirements:


  • OS: Wind 10 64 bit or Newer Version of windows
  • Cpu Processor: Intel’s I3 2nd Gen Cpu or Better one of AMD
  • RAM: 4 Gega Byte or more
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia’s GTX 650ti 2 Gega Byte Version or better
  • Disk Space: 8 Gega Byte Hard Disk Space
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