Hades Free Download (v1.38290)

Hades Free Download (v1.38290)

Hades Free Download (v1.38290) on igg games: Guide your party of adventurers through a rogue-like adventure as you fight monsters and explore the world’s undertones. Discover hidden secrets, and improve their skills with upgrades collected throughout each floor while facing off against challenging boss fights that will test even experienced players’ strategies!

About This Game:

Every Dangerous Creature has to pay the price for its tyranny and in this case, it’s an eternity trapped within your mind. Enter Hades – a fast-paced rogue-like dungeon crawler with plenty of depth that combines some awesome elements from other games such as Supergiant titles including Bastion’s action-packed gameplay & Transistor’s rich atmosphere plus Pyre.

Hades Free Download (v1.38290)

The king of the gods has been defeated by death itself and now it’s your turn to take his place on earth as an immortal GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD! You’ll be able-with a little help from our favorite Greek goddesses -to wield their power for yourself to fulfill ancient prophecies about you being destined…

With each new mystery solved, more will reveal themselves including what happened at Mount Olympus before its destruction centuries ago. Find out how much damage was done when all those people were killed? Who put Wonder Woman onto the requirement.

The gods are on your side! Meet Zeus, Athena, and more to get a boost in power with dozens of Boons that enhance abilities. There’s no limit when it comes down to choosing an athlete-you can be any god or goddess for this game so go ahead—be like Bellona fighting at Olympus’ side; Herakles trying his luck as Poseidon’s son…or dare I say ” Pythagoras”?

Hades Free Download (v1.38290)

Each time you journey into the ever-shifting Underworld, its guardian bosses will remember your name. Use this powerful Mirror of Night to grow permanently stronger and give yourself a leg up on your next escape from home!

The whole family is waiting for you to get involved in their lives! Meet the colorful cast of larger-than-life characters, and experience thousands upon story events. You’ll learn what’s really at stake with this big dysfunctional group when it comes down between them or someone else…

Permanent upgrades allow you to experience the exciting combat and gripping story without having been a god yourself. Though, if your skills are up for it- crank up that challenge! You’ll need all of those well-practiced techniques now more than ever before in order put together an escape from these challenging enemies

A permanent upgrade means never succumbing back into old ways again; we’ve got just what will make gameplay even better (and easier). With new tools at our disposal like…

Hades Free Download (v1.38290)
Hades Free Download (v1.38290)

Supergiant’s games are known for their rich, atmospheric presentations that bring together gameplay and narrative in a unique way. The latest entry into this tradition is no exception: spectacular hand-painted environments come alive with an original score that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

System Requirements:


  • OS: Wind 7 64 bit or Newer Version of Windows
  • Cpu Processor: Intel’s Dual Core Processor or Better one of AMD
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 450 1 Gega Byte Version
  • RAM: 4 Gega Byte or more
  • Disk Space: 15 Gega Byte Hard Disk Space
  • Note: An Internet Connection is Required
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