Handyman Corporation: Step into a world of business ownership and become the CEO of Handyman Corporation, your one-stop shop for cleaning, maintenance, design and construction. Accept contracts as they come in to start completing complex tasks with minigames that test your skill set–from quickly changing out lightbulbs to renovating entire cabins! Get rewarded each time you complete work successfully then use those rewards to expand operations by buying spare parts & tools or training up employees. Are you ready?

About This Game:

Handyman Corporation puts you at the helm of your own business venture. As a contractor, take on tasks in areas like cleaning, maintenance, design and construction – with minigames to make sure every job is done right! Invest in better tools and parts as well as hire more staff whenever you need them – ensure success by training up your skills while expanding operations across town.

Take the plunge into business ownership with Handyman Corporation! Get ready to experience an eclectic world of toolboxes, duct tape and tiny screws. Let your maintenance service expertise shine when you launch this unique venture today.

Handyman Corporation

Take your Handyman Corporation to the next level by delivering top-notch service and impressing each job order. Grow your business one satisfied customer at a time.

Get your hands dirty and start making money as a handyman with Handyman Corporation! Don’t wait – make the world spin in your favor now.

With Handyman Corporation, you can find the right contract for all your handywork needs. Explore hundreds of options and score the most rewarding deals. So don’t just settle – get ready to tackle any task with confidence.

With Handyman Corporation, you can unlock the next level of success for your business. Get access to hundreds of jobs and manage them with ease through our contract browsing feature. Plus, find solutions to meet all your needs – from shopping for spare parts or tools to inventory management – everything is just a click away.

Homeowners across the nation, rejoice! Handyman Corporation offers all your home improvement needs and more. From handling small repairs to transforming entire apartments into homes – they’re here to help you tackle it all.

Handyman Corporation

Tackle any task with Handyman Corporation! From puzzling projects to tedious tasks, each job comes along with its own unique minigame. Put your tools and unlocked skills to the test – practice is key for success here.

Working with Handyman Corporation means you can quickly move up the ranks! Start out with simple tasks and soon build your way to more challenging, fulfilling projects that will leave both client and worker satisfied.

Transform your home with Handyman Corporation! Our committed crew can turn any vision into reality. From skilled repair-people and electricians, to plumbers, painters and carpenters — even interior designers for the perfect finishing touch – we’ve got you covered every step of the way. And that’s not all: our extensive range of minigames will make sure each task is completed perfectly while customisation options let you put your own spin on painting styles and materials.

Handyman Corporation – don’t let finances stand in the way of success! Investing wisely will ensure you have all the right tools and training to get your business off to a strong start.

At Handyman Corporation, we’ll help you create your own successful team of subcontractors. With our instruction, they will gain the skills necessary to complete a variety of jobs for extra income.

Handyman Corporation

Managing subcontractors is a piece of cake with Handyman Corporation’s business simulation! See how you can hire and manage the right team to get job done quickly and efficiently.

No matter what damage you face, our team at Handyman Corporation is here to help! Let us show off our magic touch and make any problem disappear in a jiffy.



  • OS: Windows 10 64Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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