Heros Hour – Rogue Realms Free Download

Heros Hour - Rogue Realms Free Download

Heros Hour – Rogue Realms Free Download: Test your mettle in ‘Hero’s Hour – Rogue Realms, an epic turn-based strategy RPG where you must build cities and armies to fend off incoming enemies. With all new spells and skills at the ready, it’s up to you how far each battle takes place as maps are generated anew with every attempt! Will absolute victory be yours or will a rival reign supreme?

Hero’s Hour – Rogue Realms Gameplay:

Hero’s Hour just became even better with the release of Rogue Realms! Discover the mysterious and untamed realms just beyond the edge of civilization. A wealth of strange creatures, secret cults, and mysterious civilizations await you as you journey through wild lands teeming with untold riches and power.

Tap into your hero’s spirit to overcome any obstacles or challenges in these rogue realms and earn your right to become a legendary adventurer. Unlock adventures that lie around every corner as you explore this unknown terrain. Immerse yourself in Hero’s Hour with Rogue Realms as your guide and make a mark on these foreign lands.

Heros Hour - Rogue Realms Free Download
Heros Hour – Rogue Realms Free Download

Step into a world where heroes from different realms unite – the Rogue Faction. 12 unique bands offer an exciting combination of old and new as they each bring their own set of special skills, unit lineups, and heroic figures to Hero’s Hour in daring fashion! Embark on this thrilling adventure with the brave members of these revolutionary groups.

Hero’s Hour – Rogue Realms is a 12-band extravaganza with 6 playable factions from all corners of the fantasy universe. From powerful dragons to those subjected to cruel oppression, Tyranny stands out among these unique lineups ready for adventures into unknown lands and daring battles.

Embark on a daring journey in Hero’s Hour: Rogue Realms! Uncover the mystery of Experiment’s strange body fusions and indulge yourself with Industry’s highly specialized met alchemy mechs. Battle across twelve unique factions, each richer than before with new units and mechanics for you to explore.

Heros Hour - Rogue Realms Free Download

Enter the realms of Rogue, where you can use your knowledge and power to conjure magical creatures in the Summoning Circle. Pyre, Tide, and Delirium players are granted access to this mysterious building which provides all kinds of possibilities for summoning powerful beings! Experience Hero’s Hour right now – no matter what realm or spell is required.

Players can explore uncharted territories and discover seven remarkable buildings to strengthen their forces – each granting distinct bonuses like never before. Brave warriors will benefit from gaining elementals when picking up ore on their journeys and can even be rewarded with experience for every unit lost in battle. It’s time to make your mark on this glorious era.

Players can explore a whole new realm of possibilities as they unlock and master skills to customize their playstyle. The introduction of Avatar skill challenges adventurers to come up with never-before-seen strategies – adding an extra layer of excitement in this heroic journey.

Heros Hour - Rogue Realms Free Download

Not just anyone can invoke the power of Rogue Realms’ Hero’s Hour; you must be a master caster in order to reap its benefits. Only those well-versed in powerful elemental spells, like Pyromancy or Fire Heart, will receive permanent units as a reward for their craft.

Hero’s Hour – Rogue Realms gives long-time players a refreshing new way to experience the game. The strange faction and familiar factions alike have something exciting waiting in store, so get ready for an hour of heroic adventure.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Microsoft 64bit Windows 7 or younger
  • Processor: Dual-core 2Ghz CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6250 or better DirectX11 compatible graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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