Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D Free Download

Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D Free Download

Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D Free Download: Playing Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D is like exploring a mini-universe. The vibrant colors and 3D effects make you feel as if you are walking through an amusement park. Your goal is to find various objects that are cleverly placed around the map – they won’t be so easy to spot. You’ll need to search carefully to discover them all. It’s a game of reflexes, wit, and pure detective work – with an added sprinkling of fun! See if you have what it takes to become the top object coverer on Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D today!

About This Game:

If you’re a fan of 3D top-down games with a treasure hunt twist, then you’ll love Hidden World 4 Top-Down. Explore the expansive play area and take your time tracking down items such as keys, letters, coins, and other fun surprises. Challenge yourself to finish levels within the allotted time limit or let yourself explore at your own pace.

Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D Free PC Download

No matter how you play it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for new items as some of them are very well hidden – but that just makes it all the more exciting! Climb ladders, dodge traps, and race through the map while searching for each ever-elusive item. Ready to start hunting? Join Hidden World 4 Top-Down’s vibrant world today!

Have you ever wanted to unravel the mysteries of an unseen world? Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D is a thrilling game that will take you on a journey deep into the unknown. Step into this hidden universe and begin your quest to uncover the truth. This is a non-traditional hidden object game, in which you move through 3D environments with your character. The objects might be hidden in nooks, crannies, or other unexpected places, so use your deductive powers to locate them as quickly as possible. Take up the challenge and explore a new realm today with Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D!

Have you ever felt like exploring a hidden world? If your answer is yes, then Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D is the perfect game for you! Navigate across different, eye-catching locations to find objects of a specific design and shape. An interesting feature this game provides is that instead of using the traditional joystick control, all you need to do is move the mouse cursor along with your vision to identify those hidden objects.

Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D Free Game Download

The game also comes with some spooky soundtracks to heighten the sense of adventure and fun while you are immersed in the experience. In short, Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D will provide a unique journey into a whimsical world that will leave you wanting more!

Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D is an engaging 3D game with a unique twist on the classic level format. In each scene, your main objective is to find all 20 objects and characters frozen in the picture. Unlike most other level games, this means that you’ll need to have both an eye for detail and an analytical mind ready to solve puzzles to reach your goal.

As you progress through each scene, there will be more challenging tasks awaiting you that require even more focus. With an intriguing premise and plenty of obstacles up its sleeve, Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D offers a challenging and exciting experience for players of all ages.

Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D Free Download

While looking for objects in Hidden World 4 Top-Down 3D, you never know what you may find! This game is full of surprises, as the system automatically determines which item you must seek out. With this feature in play, the replay value of the game is exceptionally high – each time you start a new round, a unique set of objects can be found – so there’s always something new to discover.


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: 3GHz Duo Core Processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450 or higher with 1GB Memory
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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How to Install:

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