Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Free Download

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Free Download: Saddle up and explore the enchanting Emerald Valley Ranch – a place rife with mystery, where you can embark on an exciting horseback journey. Unveil its secrets as you maneuver through lush forests and rolling hillsides – all while discovering new horizons!

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Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Free Download: Your vacation to Emerald Valley Ranch, once a majestic property owned by your family, was far from the relaxation you had hoped for. You were instead met with decaying ruins that presented an intimidating task ahead of you. Get ready for an adventure like none other as you take on this challenge!

Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Free PC Download

Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Free Download: Delve into an enchanting equestrian experience at Emerald Valley Ranch. Journey through the magnificent wilderness and make lasting connections with its charismatic inhabitants. Enjoy a remarkable horseback ride full of awe-inspiring exploration!

Unlock the mysteries of Emerald Valley Ranch and unlock a world full of thrilling horse adventures. Breed, train, and race your magnificent steeds – each with its unique strengths and personality traits! Reach new heights on your journey to become the ultimate equestrian champion.

The ruins of Emerald Valley Ranch, a once-proud stud farm now filled with rubble and despair, have fallen on hard times. But there is hope! With your help, this glorious estate can be restored to its former glory – will you take up the challenge? Join us in breathing life back into Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch.

You embark on a journey to restore Emerald Valley Ranch, but you soon discover that your quest is shared by three important allies. Gabriel – the mayor’s son, Mattéo – a woodsman and Noella- an architect and master craftswoman join forces with you to make this grand project even grander than before!

Embark on an adventure to restore the honor of your family name! You will be tasked with reviving Emerald Valley Ranch, a once-proud legacy – and gaining the highest regard from esteemed horsemen such as The Félix Family. Saddle up for success and may fortune favor you in this thrilling journey!

Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Free Game Download

Saddle up for a special journey on horseback! Experience the unbridled exhilaration of life in Emerald Valley Ranch, where lush green meadows and rolling hills invite you to explore an expansive western paradise. Soar through nature’s beauty with nothing but your trusty steed as your faithful companion – and enjoy every moment of freedom that comes along with it.

Come explore the majestic wonder of nature and immerse yourself in a world full of adventure at Emerald Valley Ranch. Ride through stunning, far-reaching vistas along sandy beaches, lush forests, shimmering coral lagoons–and many more exquisite locales!

Uncover an adventure of a lifetime at Emerald Valley Ranch! Explore pristine landscapes and uncover the secrets that lie within. Become close friends with those you meet along your journey as you take on thrilling missions to save your family’s legacy – who knows what fortunes await?

Revive your family legacy as you become the new owner of Emerald Valley Ranch. Take on the challenge and customize it with beautiful structures, stables for horses, and all necessary supplies – bring a breath of fresh air back to your old ranch!

Saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime at Emerald Valley Ranch! Explore an unbeatable expanse and discover wild horses, each one with distinct abilities, preferences, and personality traits. Develop your skills in taming these magnificent creatures as you prepare to take them out on the open range. Get ready – it’s time to embark upon a thrilling journey full of unique experiences!

Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Free Download

Visit Emerald Valley Ranch and make your dreams of becoming a skilled horse rider come true! Take care of the horses, train them to strengthen their abilities, then breed together strategic pairs with incredible potential. The result? Exceptionally talented steeds sporting beautiful coats fit for any champion! Horse Tales Emerald Valley Ranch Free Download


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7+ / 8.1 / 10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel i3 Processor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI 7770, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
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