How Digital Signage Helps Business in Europe

How Digital Signage Helps Business in Europe

Perhaps you are running a business inside Europe and you want to grow using digital signs. Or perhaps you are based somewhere like the USA or UK, and you want to spread your message out to people in Europe. You can do it easily, quickly, and fairly efficiently with digital signs. It is not just businesses that are benefiting from digital signs, the education market has seen significant gains thanks to its use of digital signs. Whether you are running a business in Europe, or you simply wish to get your message out in Europe, here is how digital signage may help your business in Europe.

Effective Customer Outreach

Perhaps you need to grab people’s attention. Let’s say that you are running a business on an international level, but you sell products that appeal to people of most cultures. For example, you are not selling local brandy, but you are selling cars, sofas, external hard drives, etc.

In many cases, you can use digital signs as a visual way of gaining people’s attention, even without having the burden of language barriers to overcome. In many cases, a video or even a good digital poster is able to gain warm leads through visualizations alone.

For example, when Smart wanted to prove to people that their small cars were very safe (because they have fiberglass shells), they showed videos of it being hit with a wrecking ball with somebody inside. The person inside got out of an undamaged car and walked away fine. This video was shown around the world, and it spoke to people of all languages because of its message. Be you advertising with digital signs in Europe, or even in China, Asia, or South America, you can say just as much with visuals and demonstrations as you can with words written/spoken in the local language.

Synchronicity in a Dynamic Way

Back in the olden days, if you wanted to show off your branded materials in different locations, you needed posters. These are fine, but what if there are new offers on the table and you need to get the word out fast. It used to take time to get new posters printed and put up around Europe.

That is no longer the case now that digital signs exist because, with the use of just one program, such as the digital TV software, a user can control hundreds of digital signs at one time. Let’s say that you are running a toy store, and a new toy has come out that is taking Europe by storm. How do you show the people of Europe that you have that toy in stock? You create a quick visual poster or a repeating advert movie, and you put it up on your digital signs all around Europe. You can synchronize your marketing/promotional efforts, and you can do it very quickly where you may adapt to the current market environment and trends.

A Cost-Effective Way of Spreading a Branding Message

If one were to count, there are probably hundreds of ways somebody can spread a brand message throughout Europe. For example, you could try:

  • Urban guerrilla marketing
  • Blanket social media saturation
  • Paid influencer marketing
  • Buzz word-of-mouth marketing
  • Traditional affiliate marketing
  • Widespread leaflet drops

Yet, few of them are cost-effective. Perhaps one could argue that a well-honed affiliate marketing campaign is pretty cost-effective, but it all depends on how well it is orchestrated and maintained. However, if you run a series of digital signs, you have a standing area where you may push your marketing message to whoever sees it. You have a location that acts as your own brand ambassador, and even though the start-up costs are not cheap, the running of the device is fairly cheap (especially when compared to other marketing methods).

They Have an Interactive Quality

Perhaps your European signs are not going to call people by name, but you can set up your digital signs so that they appear to be interactive when viewed within the location. A simple example may be a digital sign in a location that reacts to the weather. Perhaps it comments on the local weather and then suggests a suitable product that you sell, such as raincoats when it is raining.

On the other hand, the sign may appear interactive based on its location and the store you place it in. For example, if a certain store has a massive stock of a certain product, the digital sign could encourage people to come in not just through simple marketing, but by commenting on how many products the shop has in its windows. If the digital signs are optimized in the right way, they could appear very interactive and very in-the-moment, all while actually being pre-programmed to appear engaged with whatever is going on in the area.

By these methods and many more, your business could benefit from having digital signs in Europe. Digital signs could help you make a bigger and more impactful effect in Europe.