Huntress: The cursed Village Free Download

Huntress: The cursed Village Free Download

Huntress: The cursed Village Free Download: Huntress: The cursed Village is a new game of this year. This game is of the casual genre. Makivision developed this game. HH-Games are the publishers of this game. The announced release date of this game is 26 Nov 2021. 

About this Game

Returning to her village from a hike, the Huntress reveals a curse below! But to lose her village and store her father, she ought to face the darkish forces responsible.

Huntress - The cursed Village PC Free Download

Fortunately, she has effective spells and the assist of her spirit guide, a hearthplace bird. Join the Huntress and conflict thrilling match-three demanding situations to weigh down the curse. Fight 5 exclusive sorts of monsters and lose the idyllic village! Now and again, wander off withinside the commands. However, those are quite simple and are simplest, to begin with, had to play the sport. The recreation itself is a lot and masses of fun. There is a great tale line, too. The snapshots are very, very exceptional, and the gameplay is fun.  


 The game has by no means allowed something nefarious to slide via the cracks, and it is typically due to the fact this system has a call. It is much like a recognized naughty software and now no longer because it is definitely in disguise. Don’t allow all that hype to scare you. This developer labored difficult to create a unique Match three recreation. This is pretty fun. However, it does take a touch to seize directly to the sport mechanics.

You can play in a Relaxed Mode (and I advise switching backward and forward among modes on a number of the numerous “houses”). You could additionally permit a custom cursor. Otherwise, you’ll routinely get the gadget cursor. 

Huntress - The cursed Village PC Game Free Download

Each House your input has an exclusive kind of entity to conflict, and every conflict or degree calls for you to ruin a special variety of these entities. Naturally, the variety will increase with every degree. There are three exclusive Power-ups or “Spells” to be had, and that they may be used and have to be used as quickly as they recharge with the aid of using making suits of numerous stones. 


You will conflict with the Thorn Queen, who throws spores onto the gambling field. The spores become ranks that can not be matched after some movements if the spores are not destroyed, and it’s going to preserve tiles from falling. You can fit the spores, use spells, or unique stones.


You ought to power away from the bats on this residence with the aid of making adjoining suits; the bats can also be moved. It is one of the simplest of battles. 

Huntress - The cursed Village PC Download
  • Magic Arrow: Destroys an unmarried stone of your choice.
  • Fire Bird: destroys a whole row of your choice.
  • Arrow Rain: shoots numerous arrows onto the sphere to ruin random targets.
  • Exciting match-three battles with effective spells
  • Battle 5 exclusive monster types
  • Seventy-seven stages with fabulous hand-drawn snapshots
  • Challenging Match-three fun!

    • OS: Windows ME / 7 / 8 / 10
    • Processor: 1.5 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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