Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Free Download

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Free Download

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Free Download on igg games: Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is a casual brand new game of 2022. This game is a real new year gift for those who love to play strategy-based games. The genres of this game are strategy, simulation, indie, and adventure. Cheesecake Dev developed and also published this stunning video game. Cheesecake Dev is the authorized franchisee of this new video game. It was released on 7 Jan 2022.

About this Game:

Internet Cafe Simulator 1 was a remarkable video game. And the alternate game of the series contains much more detailed and different new mechanics. Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is more advanced in the same features and added some new and interesting features.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 PC Free Download

Make a great internet cafe. Do not let road goons and gangsters take your plutocrat. They can indeed throw a lemon inside your cafe. You can attract further guests on stormy days. Increase the chops you want to develop from the tech tree. Will you come to a business sensation or a bickerer professed at guarding his cafe? You have to earn plutocrats to pay off your family’s debt! Internet Cafe Simulator is a cafe business game. You can set up and manage a comprehensive plan within the game. There are numerous conditioning and people you can interact with within the megacity. The landlord receives your apartment and shop rent, and you have to pay. It would help if you satisfied your guests.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 PC Game Free Download

You should install further elegant and important gaming computers. An illegal work option is also available in this game. But be careful. The price can be veritably heavy.


The gameplay of this game is very strategic, totally based on adventure. In this game, you can find these elements;
Keep guards. Prepare refections for your guests. Install creators for power outages.

Ameliorate computers. Purchase game licenses. Delight guests. Change this place into a great internet cafe.
As a decent person, he can do typically. Or you could get involved in fully illegal business.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 PC Download

You can develop your internet café with many operations on the computer in the game. You can indeed hire people to give you a high score immorally. You can expand your business by acquiring more space. In the game, you can buy crypto plutocrats. You can increase the number of customers coming to your internet cafe by giving them coupons and introducing special games.

  • All operation and planning will be in your hands. Watch out and do not void!
  • Hire workers for your cafe and treat them well.
  • Remember, the client is always right!

The inventors describe the content as not good for all ages. The content is based on fighting and is volatile.

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
    • Storage: 7 GB available space
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How to Install:

  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Then find the crack folder (if the game doesn’t have crack ten just run the game) and then open it and copy all files
  • Simply paste all the files in directory of your game
  • Then the game is your’s