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Journey Free Download updated new PC game cracked in direct link also in Torrent. This game explore the ancient mysterious world of journey to discover the secrets.
Journey Free Download PC game Journey is a remarkable with a truly prime example that must be done through the above medium. The visuals and the sound setup is modernized standard with alot of entertainment. Gameplay

Journey game experience you the wonder and have adventure while travelling on a life’s passage to have a chance of connecting new companions in the way.

During this journey passage may not be easy but you will have a great experience of lifetime which will help you to know about the place and the purpose of your arrival at that place.


The developer of Journey game is the “thatgamecompany” while the publisher of game “Annapurna Interactive”. This game is released on 11th of June 2020 while the category of this game is “Adventure Indie”.

The game journey is available in more than 100 different languages of the world which shows user can from more than 100 countries can understand easily and play this game with comfort.

The minimum system requirements for the Journey game are given as under:

The operating system required is minimum OS Windows 7.
The processor must be at least Processor Intel Core i3-2120 / AMD FX-4350.
The graphics Video RAM required is minimum 1 GB.
The system RAM Memory required is minimum 4 GB.
The Graphics Nvidia GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD 5750 is in needed minimum.
An additional Notes AVX set of instructions is also in need.


1. Minimum Windows 7 Operating System OS.
2. Minimum Core i3-2120 Processor.
3. Minimum 1 GB Video RAM.
4. Minimum 4 GB Memory of System RAM.
5. Graphic Card required Nvidia GTS 450.
6.Required AVX set of instructions.

The Recommendations for enjoying Journey game on your PC are given in detail:

It will be best for enjoying most awaited Journey game to have Windows 10 operating system OS.
It will be better to have processor at least Core i5 first generation to enjoy game without any disturbance.
The graphics video RAM required is 2 GB to enjoy game smoothly.
The system RAM (Random Access Memory) Memory should be 8 GB to have entertainment without any full stop.

For enjoying Journey Free Download game on your PC your system must be updated. This game is a glorious, a very thoughtful and entertaining. Its an incredible and emotional game given most amazing experience of travelling in the difficult way. Most amazingly people from all over world can understand more than 100 different languages can understand and enjoy this game.

Journey Free Download game is one of the most awaited games of the 2020. This game is awaited by the users who are nowadays looking for more and more entertaining games during lock down and quarantine days due the Corona Virus which is Covid 19 pandemic situation.

We recommend you to download this game and enjoy the amazing features of this game. For Journey game you are not required to have most expensive PC to play and enjoy this game.

The developers of the game recommended to download this game free and enjoy its remarkable features for bunches of entertainment.

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