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Kenshi Latest Version Free Download

Kenshi Free Download is a free-roaming squad-based RPG. The game concentrates on open-ended sandbox gameplay features rather than a linear story. Some of the main gaming features include base building, recruiting and managing squads of characters, investigating dungeons full of powerful enemies, and sandbox gameplay in a hostile world where humankind is near extinction. Kenshi has many unique features which help separate it from the pack, such as no character classes .

All recruits start equally equipped with nothing but their fists; Get fat or get skinny based on how much you eat; play as any race – human, anthropomorphic or inhuman. With so many options to choose from and the freedom to explore them all, Kenshi is sure to keep you hooked for hundreds of hours.

About This Game:

The merchant finds himself in a world where he must research new equipment and craft it. Purchase his buildings to use as safe havens when things go bad, or start-up businesses that will help him survive this harsh desert life! Aid the various factions with different ideas throughout history while striving for strength and wealth enough so you can simply just exist without fear of dying at any moment from hunger- The choices are yours; train your men into warriors who’ll carry on what they’ve been taught or die trying?

Kenshi Latest Version Free Download

The largest single-player RPG world since Daggerfall, with a seamless game world that will never seek to limit or restrict your play style.

Get creative with your character design and build a whole squad to fight by your side. As they grow in strength, so does their appearance!

The game features an interesting take on the RTS-RPG hybrid genre. Heroes aren’t necessary, as with every character and non-player player meeting you can potentially be equal in your quest to save Equestria from impending darkness!

Kenshi Latest Version Free Download

Compared to other people, you may not seem very special. But the truth is that there are many ways for anyone can find success in life if they put their mind to it and work hard enough!

You’re not alone on this journey of self-discovery – just keep pushing forward because good things will come with time (and patience).

This game will affect your gameplay. If you take on the role of a character with injured legs, they’ll limp or crawl when walking and slow down the party; if an arm is wounded then it must be used one-handed – this means fewer attacks per round (and potentially more enemy hits!).

Kenshi Latest Version Free Download

Severe injuries result in amputees who need robotic limbs replaced because their original ones were lost during trauma–blood loss can cause passing out which attracts predators while losing too much blood make characters collapse into unconsciousness until healed by medical supplies found throughout levels…the list goes



  • OS:64-bit Windows
  • Processor: Dual-core 64-bit
  • Memory:6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Pixel shader 5.0 capable card
  • DirectX®:11
  • Hard Drive:14GB HD space
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