King Arthur: Knight's Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Free Download: Knight’s Tale is a unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games and traditional, character-centric RPG. This modern retelling of the classic Arthurian mythology story filtered through dark fantasy tropes gives it an innovative twist on chivalrous tales as well!

About This Game:

The player plays the role of Sir Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur. You killed him but with his dying breath he struck you down and now both toxins live on in an alternate reality – though not as they would have been had it gone otherwise for this realm’s founder; rather one where blood-lust is unchecked and Good remains hidden away until such time that she might arise again to right what has gone awry since Time began.”

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Free Download
King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Free Download

This is not a typical story of King Arthur, but rather an abridged version. The Lady Of The Lake brought you back from your sleep to end the nightmare that has become his life after she took it upon herself for him bid farewell before setting out on this quest and bringing balance back into both worlds by killing whatever form he may take nowadays

The dreamer must continue their journey through battles fought with himself until there are no more signs or portents left behind; only silence remains.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Free Download

In this hybrid game, you take on the role of king or queen in a dark fantasy version of Arthurian mythology. You’ll manage your team members’ skillsets accordingly to win battles and also make moral choices that affect how they behave later down their lives – just like any good leader should!

The first step towards royalty is taking up arms against enemies at windy fields where shield wives bayonet charges with falcons overhead…or maybe even more appropriately now: cyborg dragons?!

step into a land of nightmares where you are forced to fight for your life against monsters and magical creatures. You will be able the battle Arthur, who has been brought back from death by Morgana’s powers to take revenge on him after he killed her father Modred – but what happens when both fall at each others’ feet? The consequences now unfold as Mordred finds himself living again with only one goal: find out how this terrible thing can finally end!

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Free Download

The quest for power has never been more dangerous. Send your knights on quests that will test their mettle in battles against enemies both mighty and mean-looking! Assemble a team of heroes, selecting from six classes (Defender, Champion, Marksman & Vanguard). Level them up to unlock unique skill points which can be spent teaching each character’s individualized abilities – or take one into battle using strategy where necessary; heal injuries at hospitals between missions so they’re ready when needed again… but watch out because even though you may think someone else is dead: It might just show up later as alive after all!

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System Requirements:


  • OS: Wind 10 64 bit or Newer Version of windows
  • Cpu Processor: Intel’s I5 4th Gen Cpu or Better one of AMD
  • RAM: 8 Gega Byte or more
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia’s GTX 780 3 Gega Byte Version or better
  • Disk Space: 120 Gega Byte Hard Disk Space


  • OS: Wind 10 64 bit or Newer Version of windows
  • RAM: 16 Gega Byte or more
  • Cpu Processor: Intel’s I7 4th Gen Cpu or Better one of AMD
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia’s GTX 1060 6 Gega Byte Version or better
  • Disk Space: 120 Gega Byte Hard Disk Space
King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Free Download