Kings Bounty 2 Free Download

Kings Bounty II Free Download

Kings Bounty 2 Free Download: Many people around you are fond of tactical role-playing games like Kings Bounty sequel 1 that was released around 90’s so; we’re going to release a tactical role-playing game, i.e., Kings Bounty II, on August 24, 2021. This Second sequel of Kings Bounty II is an outstanding game developed by 1C Publishing EU.

Hence, published by Prime Matter, Koch Media additionally deep silver at the genre of tactical role-playing and adventurous games. On the other hand, it is scheduled to play on the platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, and single-player video game mode.

Kings Bounty II PC Free Download

Furthermore, Kings Bounty II has some key features that this game has an interactive plus a cinematic story background and no flat arenas, eccentric squads, and quirky mixing of lifelike and fantasy, tactical depth on the battleground. Further, the game has a new character development system and landscape matters.

About the Game:

Kings Bounty II is the thrilling series of Kings Bounty with the turn-based RPG genre’s most iconic representatives. Nostria- a city where there are clouds of darkness with the reflection of intrigue, undetermined plus wizardry shroud. Yet, the Kingdom’s last hopes, the warriors are back to fight and return the peace and management of Nostria. Moreover, moving towards the legacy of the story that features the traces of the open and breaking world of Antara, which is a home for hundreds and thousands of wonders and a hidden pace for players to explore.

Kings Bounty II PC Game Free Download

When the entire overseas nation regretted the king’s authority over the people of the territory when the counties demanded independence, with the denial, the warriors fought back as they were determined to set the order out of chaos. Apart from this, give formation to an army to adventure the treachery, sacrifice, and survival. Thus, it would be best if you came to blows for your better future. Pick out one of the three heroes and enjoy playing the game.

Kings Bounty II PC Game Download For Free

However, players oblige the sovereign state from the point of view of the third person by gathering quests and getting to know the humankind they meet. As soon as the conflict comes over, players are bounded to use innovative techniques to win the fight. The army that you will be creating is for the safety of Antara.

System Requirements:

King Bounty II reflects two types of requirements: minimum, i.e., the basic need of the game to run on the Personal Computers, and the other are recommended recommendations that are suggested to you to have outstanding gameplay with their usage without any obstacle.


  • Here is a list of some of the minimum requirements that you will require to play the game on your personal computers smoothly.
  • To run King’s Bounty II, you will need a central processing unit core i5-3570K or either prefers FX-8310 with a speed of 2.6 GHz.
  • You will need a memory RAM of about 8 Gigabytes with available storage up to 20 Gigabytes in your system to play smoothly.
  • You will need an operating system of Windows 10 with 64 bits processor.
  • You will need GPU, i.e., basically, a Graphics processing unit of GTX 780 3Giga Bytes or either go for RX 470 of 4Giga Bytes.
  • To run King’s Bounty II, you will require pixel and vertex shader.
  • The sound card is also necessary for the game’s better sound system.


  • For better gameplay, you need to advance your system by following the below mentioned recommended configurations;
  • Use CPU of Core i7-4790 or either prefer Ryzen 3 3200G with a speed of 3GHz to run smoothly in your system.
  • Use RAM of about 12 Gigabytes instead of using 8 Gigabytes to play the game trouble-free.
  • You are recommended using a GPU of GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1660 Super, or R9 Fury for the system.
  • You are recommended you have a proper network for the game to run steadily on your system.
  • Further, you are suggested to use DVD ROM with 4 X speed or better can be used.
  • 3.0 Pixel and vertex shader should be used for better gameplay with King’s Bounty II.
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