Land of War: The Beginning Free Download

Land of War The Beginning Free Download

Land of War: The Beginning Free Download: The call of duty series starts its march towards great popularity with games set during the Second World War. The Polish Land Of War developers doubtless hope that they will manage, at least in the fraction, to repeat the success of those productions.

Land of War The Beginning is the World War 2 first-person shooter game inspired by similar series as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. The game’s creator also reminds you that their product is the first shooter on such a subject focused on September 1939, when Poland defends itself against the Nazi Army.

During the game, among the other things, the player can get on board an armored train, try to fight off German Tanks as an infantry, sit at the controls of the tankette, try to break through encirclement, and take part in defense of the peninsula. In addition to the great scale battles in vast, open locations where players can use a huge range of weapons, players can take part in spy missions and sabotage operations, where silent operation is very important.

Land of War The Beginning PC Free Download
Land of War: The Beginning Free Download

Land of war the Beginning is absolutely the first shooter video game to concentrate on the 1939 episodes of World War II. This early-stage war was entirely excluded until now. Developers from an independent development studio MS Games, plan to fill this gap with their debut production. This game can be seen as a prologue of other World war II-related games that are recently released. The game was inspired by some epic productions and brought back a good nostalgic climate.

About the Game:

Land of War the Beginning is the world’s first-ever first-person shooter game that is completely dedicated to the outbreak of World War II in Poland. It portraits the beginning episodes and battles that Poles fought during the German invasion.

Land of War The Beginning PC Game Free Download
Land of War: The Beginning Free Download

The most important thing about the game and captured the attention of everyone and gotten several people interested in Land of war The Beginning is the idea of the game that is very cool, the setting for this is the Beginning of World War II when Germany capture Poland. The game has you playing as the Polish soldier and try to do what you can to stop this extensive invading force. Now, this isn’t going to be like a Hollywood movie.

The gameplay of Land of war The Beginning is amazing and just so cool. Creators try to provide this game a bit of an old-school soul and fall like those some more classic games that players will enjoy a lot. As a result, things are more quickly paced, and unlimited enemies are constantly coming towards you.

Land of War The Beginning PC Game Download for free
Land of War: The Beginning Free Download

It is the first-person shooter game that really will keep you on your toes. In comparison, the first-person shooting action will be very entertaining and get the player excited while they are playing. This game also provides battles where players get to drive the vehicles that are fully loaded with the weapons and take to the sky for Ariel battles.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

When any player wants to buy Land of War The Beginning for their PC, always remember to compare the system requirements that the game’s creator offers. To run Land Of war The Beginning perfectly, you need an i7 – 610intel core and 16 GB Ram. Use the graphic card of NVIDIA GTX 1070 and the operating system of Windows 7 (64-bit).

Recommended System requirements:

The minimum memory requirement for Land Of War The Beginning is 8 GB Ram, and the Intel Core i5 4400E CPU is recommended to be required at a minimum to run Land of war the Beginning easily. It is recommended that you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card to play this game.

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