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Learning Factory: Unlock the wonders of Catopia with Learning Factory – a factory-building simulator that allows you to craft and sell goods to cats! Use machine learning for sales, explore complex generated maps, enjoy thoughtful gameplay and relax in an inviting atmosphere. All this awaits as you make your way towards building perfect production systems…

Learning Factory Gameplay:

Learning Factory is an automation game that allows you to focus on the most essential mission: bringing joy back into cats’ lives! Enjoy its relaxing atmosphere while helping our furry friends.

Come join the team at a forgotten Factory, located on Mars and dedicated to creating luxurious items for cats. As chief engineer, you’ll use your genius intellect to make it operational again.

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With the ambition to ensure every cat in town had a chance at joy, the Learning Factory was once bustling with furry friends eager to gain knowledge and leave beaming. But now, sadly it has become desolate; cats leaves frustrated and empty-handed.

Take the helm of your own laboratory, and be part of a revolutionary experience! With Learning Factory, you can explore new frontiers in kitty-centric research. Follow our easy steps for an amazing leap into feline innovation – make breakthroughs that will have cats all over purring with joy.

The Factory Stores are like a science lab of sorts, collecting heaps of data that reveals fascinating insights into the mysterious inner workings of cats’ minds. With real-life machine learning technology at its disposal, Learning Factory dives deep to uncover their secrets.

Learning Factory offers a pressure-free zone for students to explore, tinker and discover. Here’s your chance to test out new ideas, optimize processes or even automate systems – all in the safety of an encouraging learning environment. Get ready…experimentation awaits.

Uncover the key to unlocking a brighter future not just for cats, but humans and even dogs! Create your very own cat-catering Factory on Mars as you take this journey of discovery. Let’s see what doors it opens up.

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Learning Factory is the ultimate way to learn Machine Learning! Get direct access to educational videos and an in-game Wiki, with all your learning needs at just one click away. Have fun while studying something new – join us now for a smarter future.

Learning Factory Features:

  • Transform an old and forgotten factory on Mars into a place of learning.
  • Unlock unprecedented efficiency with Learning Factory! Our revolutionary technology allows you to design and optimize production chains for maximum productivity.
  • Learning Factory is on a mission to craft and distribute delightful merchandise specifically designed for the feline connoisseur. Bring home something special today.
  • Unlock deeper insights into your data with Machine Learning and the power of AI from our Learning Factory.
  • Boost your factory’s performance and efficiency with Learning Factory! Maximize production without compromising on quality.
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  • Learning Factory is a way to share knowledge on how to keep cats cozy, content and purring with joy.
  • Take a journey through time to reconstruct the grandeur of an iconic ancient monument. With Learning Factory, you can make history come alive.
  • Catopia is calling! Help us create an amazing new world for cats to play and learn in with the Learning Factory.

Release Date:

Learning Factory, a developer and publisher created by Luden.io, was released in January 2023 on both Windows and Mac OS platforms following its initial launch two years prior – February 2021.

System Requirements:


OS version:

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11


2.0 GHz


2 Gb


Intel HD Graphics 3000


DirectX 9


3.5 Gb

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