LEGO® Star Wars™ The Complete Saga Download

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Complete Saga Download: LEGO Star Wars is back and it’s available for PC! The original trilogy comes to life in this new video game that features all of your favorite characters from A New Hope through Return of the Jedi. Play as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, and explore planets like Tatooine while fighting enemies such as Imperial troops or Sand People using an array of skills trees with over 100 hours worth of content at launch plus updates monthly after release so there will always be more missions ready when you’re done playing through each movie scene-by scene again.

Use voiceover during clips explaining key points.

About This Game:

LEGO® Star Wars™ is back and better than ever! Now you can play through all six movies in one game, with new characters that are sure to capture everyone’s heart. Get ready for galactic battles as well; it’s time we put an end to Darth Vader once and for all __

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Complete Saga Free Download

A long time ago (in a galaxy far away), starships jumped across space between solar systems fighting over territory like it was nothing but fresh land available for development—building cities under highways of platinum ore deposits or near mountains filled up Von Nebula gas fields so they could be closer towards each other without spanning too much distance out into the open area.

Play as your favorite character sided with either the dark side or the light. New star systems have been added to the galactic map which you can explore while completing missions that will unlock more content for this game’s story mode including characters from all three films!

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Complete Saga Free PC Download

Imagine the most epic space battles in history. Now imagine you are building those spaceships with your own two hands! As an adult, this would be difficult to do because there’s so much complexity but for kids who have imaginations like ours at heart -it doesn’t matter if they can’t see what color I’m putting on my plate; all that matters is getting together and creating something new every day.

LEGO® Star Wars™ The Complete Saga Free Game Download

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a game for both veterans and newcomers alike. With over 120 characters to choose from, players can be Watto or Zam Wessell–it’s up in the air! New features include challenging boss battles with Nass &more along with an all-new Bonus Disc that tells additional stories not seen elsewhere; so if you’re looking forward to playing as familiar faces like Han Solo then look no further because this collection has got what YOU want (and more)! LEGO® Star Wars™ The Complete Saga Download


OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista
Processor: Intel P3 1.0GHz or AMD Athlon XP or higher
Memory: 156MB of RAM, 512MB required for Vista
Graphics: 128MB Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 Capability
Hard Drive: 5GB of free space

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