Lelie Navigation Free Download

Lelie Navigation Free Download

Lelie Navigation Free Download: Lelie Navigation is a beautiful brand new video game of this year. The genres of this game are indie and RPG. Atelier Choice developed this amazing game and the Kagura Games published this game. Kagura Games are also the authorized franchisee of this interesting game. The date of release of this game is not yet announced. 

About this Game

Lelie makes use of a strength referred to as Dowsing. This strength permits her to discover misplaced or hidden items. A turn-primarily based RPG in which you play as Lelie, a female who uses the strength of Dowsing to assist human beings in locating matters they have got misplaced. One day, however, Lelie’s strength receives her and her buddy right into a risky scenario that they need to paintings collectively to overcome. When you watch a non-public detective, you may see a hard man in a felt fedora, cigarette perched above his chiseled jaw, puffing moodily in a workplace chair with the blinds drawn.

Lelie Navigation PC Free Download

If Nintendo has whatever to mention approximately it, though, subsequent time you image a gumshoe, it will be a skinny, teenage boy who can’t forget his name. 


As you get lower back into the case, you’ll find paintings to resolve the thriller using a menu-primarily based gadget of interactions. While Famicom Detective Club’s up-to-date presentation has loaded in a not unusual place with currently visible novels, the gameplay is harking back to vintage college LucasArts adventures like The Secret of Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle. Like the games, you don’t directly manage the digital digicam and circulate from tableau to tableau as a substitute. In every scene, you’ve got items to inspect, NPCs to speak to, and a listing of subjects to discuss.

Lelie Navigation PC Game Free Download

 You can communicate via a listing of subjects, name out to NPCs to replace among a couple of conversations, look at items withinside the room and choose them up. You can also “do not forget,” which once in a while permits forgotten records to bubble up from the readability of your subconscious. Together with her buddy Ciel, she uses this unique strength to assist the ones in need. But one day, this strength leads them right into a risky scenario. Now they need to paintings collectively to locate their manner domestically safely.

Lelie Navigation PC Download


  • Classic RPG Experience
  • Turn-primarily based totally Combat
  • Leveling System
  • Dowsing System
  • Multiple Party Members

Mature Content Description

The builders describe the content material like this:

Lelie Navigation! Carries sturdy language.

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