Lemnis Gate Free Download

Lemnis Gate Free Download

Lemnis Gate Free Download: Lemnis Gate will seem to bring together the cerebral intricacies of chess into heart-bending 4D first-person shooter games. In Lemnis Gate, players will spend time disrupting the past to change the future. It is a time-wrapping turn-based multiplayer combat strategy FPS.

Over 5 alternating turns taking place in a 25″ time loop, you are famous as a master with some distinctive abilities of a varied cast of deep space operatives and out skill, outsmart and outmaneuver your enemy in mind-bending, 4D battles.
It is the time looping of Lemnis Gate, which seems to be the huge draw here as players make strategies across the online and local scenes taking part in one-on-one and two-on-two matches.

Lemnis Gate PC Free Download
Lemnis Gate Free Download PC GAME

With the help of seven operatives, and each bringing their primary weapon and unique ability, those tactics and strategic calls should be huge. You can get handsome rewards from those who can think outside the box, working with non-linear logic and abstract thinking.

From the beginning to the last second of the game, anything can happen in Lemnis Gate. Every round is the new chance to implement an unbeatable new strategy or receive redemption from the previous mistakes.

About the Game:

The wait is over; amazing Lemnis Gate will release on 3 August 2021 by Rat loop Games Canada and Frontier Foundry. Lemnis Gate is the revolutionary 4D gameplay. That may sound not easy, but in reality, it is as simple as you eat a pie. You have to defeat your enemy over five rounds of 25 seconds, and the job is a good ‘un.

Lemnis Gate PC Game Free Download
Lemnis Gate Free Download For PC

Although, the twist is that those 25 seconds are repeated as players take turns to accomplish an action, whether blasting opponents, capturing targets, or stealing objectives. After all, turns have been taken, the next round starts.
This turn-based combat strategy FPS introducing revolutionary gameplay.

Its turn-based thinking meets skillful shooting over five time-twisting rounds across four different game modes. You will take control of a team of operatives who fight across different planets close to Earth. At the beginning of each round, you will pick one of 7 operatives with a distinctive set of skills.

Lemnis Gate PC Game Download for free
Lemnis Gate Free Download

Whatever action you take within the game. That round is then locked in, and repeat each round until the end of the match. Gameplay and abilities will be similar to all their FPS games. However, the 25 second time loop adds a new twist in the game that lets you harness the power of times as you battle and innovate across past, present and future simultaneously, creating strategies just as important as skills.

System Requirements for Lemnis Gate:

The core mechanic of Lemnis Gate to take note of is ghost mode. In-game, death is not the end. Your actions can change the course of previous rounds by playing carefully with complete planning and strategies. You need full specs, a system checker, and the gaming PC set up to run the Lemnis Gate.


The minimum graphics card you need to play the game is an ATI FireGL T2-128. To play the Lemnis Gate, you8 will need a minimum CPU, an Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz or more. The minimum memory requirement for the game is 4 GB of Ram. To install the game, you require 20 GB of available space.


Lemnis Gate is the upcoming turn-based first-person shooting game. According to the game developers, you need a graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 510, to run the Lemnis Gate. The recommended CPU you need is greater or equal to an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 to play the game. The game developer recommends around 8 GB of Ram in your system. The recommended available space you need is more than 20 GB to install the game smoothly.

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