List of Apps College Students Need

List of apps college students need

College is both a mixture of fun and stress. Things can get out of control since you have to manage a lot of things at once. Lucky for you, some apps can make life in college less overwhelming and more fun. You can buy essays online cheap or write a paper by yourself if you can use one of the apps provided below. Here are some of them. 

List of Apps College Students Need

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Study Apps

Chegg Study

The app offers 24/7 help in homework, which includes the steps you need to take to solve a problem. They come in video formats, and if you fail to get an answer, you take a picture of the question and post it there and get help from an expert. 

Wolfram Alpha

If you want to get a formula or get an answer to any question, this is the tool you need. You can check your homework answers on this app. A caution is that avoid using it despite understanding the query. 


The best tools for memorizing content are flashcards. The traditional flashcards have some setbacks such as, they are susceptible to loss, and they can get jumbled up once you have stacked a few more. Anki will come in and solve this problem since it is a digital flashcard that assists you to acquire information and incorporates spaced repetition to help you understand your work well. 

Google Docs

A change from Microsoft word to Google docs will help you immensely. Why? It gets rid of all the junk in the software and leaves you with only the necessary tools you want. You get to back up your work automatically to the cloud, and accessibility is almost anywhere. 


Most students find it hard to get through the hustle of correcting spelling mistakes and grammar in school. It is easy to spell a word the wrong way or make a typo. The process of re-reading your work and correcting errors can be time-consuming, and that is where Grammarly saves you. It will check your work for grammatical errors and spelling. It will give you what to replace a word with, and that is what makes it fun.

Group Project Apps


The hardest part about having a group work is making sure that every individual does their part of the job. Trello will help you in doing this as it lets you plan all the necessary steps required to finish a project. It also assists you to assign them to the members of your group and track the progress of each person.


The use of group messages to discuss projects can be a mess most of the time. Slack is a better option to communicate with group members as it keeps all your messages centralized and in a better place. You do not need to share your phone number to talk, which is a big plus.


One of the trickiest parts of organizing a group project is getting the right time for people to meet together for a discussion. Instead of calling and sending a text, we recommend the use of Doodle. It lets everyone vote on the best time they can show up, and you can go with the most recommended time.

Google Slides

When you want to present a project as a group, you will need Google Slides instead of PowerPoint. It makes it easier for people to collaborate, which means everyone will eventually contribute to the project.