Lurkers Free Download

Lurkers Free Download

Lurkers Free Download: Lurkers is an intriguing visual novel game that follows Mato, a teenage detective hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper! Not only will Mato have to investigate his case and find clues to capture Jack the Ripper, but they must also solve various Mato Anomalies- mysterious magical occurrences happening in London. Mato’s investigation leads them into a seedy underbelly, teaming with new faces and secrets. Along the way Mato makes friends with characters from all walks of life, furthering their determination to solve the case of Jack the Ripper. This BL/ Yaoi visual novel promises exciting plot twists, endearing characters, and plenty of mystery!

About This Game:

Eddy Nichols was intent on getting to the bottom of his father’s mysterious fate. After arriving in Whitechapel he quickly found himself embroiled in Mato Anomalies, a dark world filled with mysterious figures lurking in shadows. Eddy had heard tales about the lurkers and was determined to uncover what had happened to his father. He was cautious but also unwilling to be intimidated by whatever secrets might be waiting for him – he would courageously face the darkness head-on.

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Mato Anomalies is a city in crisis. Lurkers, mysterious visitors that move within the shadows, remain seemingly everywhere. There’s a growing sense of unease as citizens begin to feel watched and monitored by an unseen force. Enterprising minds have emerged sensing an opportunity; an American private eye searching for the spotlight, a tabloid owner yearning for headlines, a controversial psychiatrist offering solutions behind closed doors, and an enigmatic journalist intent on uncovering the truth. Everyone has their own story and motivations to uncover mysteries hidden in Mato Anomalies’ shadows.

Lurkers can be a great source of mystery and intrigue, but the Mato Anomalies are the pinnacle of this genre. These novels span 35,000 words and take place in an alternate reality filled with romance, danger, and eeriness. Imagined creatures lurk around every corner as you try to make sense of these strange inconsistencies and figure out who or what is behind them. Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery as you unravel Mato’s hidden secrets and uncover the truth!

Lurkers Free Game Download

Lurkers are becoming increasingly more common, yet Mato Anomalies remain a rare sight. Not many people know what they are, but they refer to two LGBT love interests who share both physical and spiritual attraction. Those Mato Anomalies can be found in whisper stories and secret geek zones, surprising the others by surmounting time and space to join forces under a single sunbeam. No one knows why Mato Anomalies come together, but their existence is nothing short of special.

Mato Anomalies is a horror adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It follows three suspects related to mysterious occurrences and it is up to you to figure out which of them is guilty – leading to three possible endings depending on the choices you make. The game features an engrossing original soundtrack for added atmosphere, upping the suspense as you try to solve the mysteries and uncover what happened. Mato Anomalies isn’t for the faint of heart: it has an age rating of 15+ and plenty of thrills and chills just waiting for those brave enough to take it on.

Lurkers Free Download

Lurking around Whitechapel, Mato Anomalies was an infamous figure. Witnesses often described their strange behavior, constantly following the locals in the streets while they went about their business. Although nothing was ever confirmed, there are still plenty of rumors surrounding Mato’s involvement in the Whitechapel crimes. No evidence has been found to support these theories; however, Mato certainly had a certain presence around Whitechapel at that time that caused suspicion. Regardless of Mato’s role as either potential witness or suspect, they remain an iconic figure of the Whitechapel area and a reminder of the mystery that had everyone in London captivated at the time.


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX Compatible Card
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
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