Manafinder Free Download

Manafinder Free Download

Manafinder Free Download: Embark on a daring journey into the unknown! Take control of an intrepid manafinder seeking fame and glory in Aevi, a mysterious yet captivating world full to the brim with danger. Battle your way through relentless enemies as you search for precious mana stones while deciding how history will remember those exiled from their homes.

About This Game:

In a wide-open world where the untamed remain untouched, Manafinder invites explorers to venture into unheard-of realms and combat formidable creatures. Uncover secrets unimagined in this vast land!

Manafinder Free PC Download

Manafinder is an incredible refuge for the downtrodden – a haven of strength and resilience powered by these mysterious mana stones. Here, exiled souls come together to form their society, united in the power that these stones provide them with!

Lambda has taken on a perilous quest to seek out Manafinders – mysterious stones with powerful properties. But the mission isn’t easy, as Lambda is confronted with dangerous challenges both inside and outside of his organization. Will they be able to defy expectations and succeed in their search?

Manafinder is an immersive, Japanese-style RPG featuring original pixel art and strategic turn-based combat. Carefully select your weapons and harness the power of elemental affinities to defeat enemies in this captivating adventure!

Travel down a winding path of emotion and explore the depths of morality in this captivating story. Manafinder takes you through an unforgettable journey filled with drama, hope, and fantasy.

Journey to Aevi and be the hero who determines their destiny! With Manafinder, bravely battle against fierce monsters as you seek out mana stones and get ever closer to reclaiming your people’s homes.

This game offers hours of engaging entertainment, with up to twelve captivating in-game experiences!

Manafinder Free Game Download

Discover the wonders of Aevi – an intriguing world full of lush forests, enigmatic deserts, and other captivating biomes. With Manafinder you can venture into these unique habitats to unlock their secrets!

Challenge yourself to a thrilling adventure of epic proportions with Manafinder! Discover and battle dozens of creative monsters, each equipped with unique abilities. Prove your skills against these formidable foes in an exhilarating quest for victory.

With Manafinder, you can uncover powerful elements that will give you an edge in combat – allowing you to exploit enemy weaknesses and come out victorious.

Search for powerful items, wield mana stones to increase your strength, collect healing plants to restore health, and harvest elemental ores from the depths of unknown lands. Uncover new mysteries as you traverse this volatile world in search of glory.

With the fate of an exiled hanging in balance, Manafinder will take you on a thrilling journey where your choices could either lead to one of two distinct and dramatically different conclusions. So make sure every decision is carefully considered – this game has no room for mistakes.

Manafinder Free Download

This game is the perfect escape! Embark on engaging side quests filled with fun minigames that let you explore the lives of those who have been exiled from their homes. Go ahead and take a break – it’s time to get lost in an adventure unlike any other.


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 4.1 capable GPU
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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