Medieval – Embers of War Free Download

Medieval - Embers of War Free Download

Medieval – Embers of War Free Download: Set in a breathtakingly vibrant medieval fantasy world, Medieval – Embers of War invites you to partake in thrilling adventures and battles. You’ll battle against epic rivals as you attempt to gain control over a castle of your own. Every decision matters in this fast-paced and exciting side-scroller fighting game where wars are fought with spells and swords alike. Gather your forces and make sure your epic battles end in victory or face the consequences of defeat!

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Medieval – Embers of War Free Download: Fans of the medieval genre will find a lot to love with Embers of War. Set in an immersive fantasy world, the game finds players taking part in epic battles against enemy forces that threaten the fate of the land. The fast-paced and intense action is accompanied by lusciously detailed visuals and a soundtrack of appropriate sounds that bring the game world to life with each click. Whether playing solo or teaming up with friends, Embers of War offers a refreshing take on side-scrolling hack-and-slash games that fans won’t want to miss out on!

Medieval - Embers of War Free PC Download

Any lover of the classic medieval times will find themselves immersed in Embers of War. Through interactive gaming, players will take on rumble rivalries and adventure as they explore their castle, level up with resources and enlist characters with new weapons and styles of alliances for combat. An epic feel encompassed in a poly-style graphic design provides gamers the nostalgia of a recapturing game, bringing the war to life like never before.

Enter the gritty world of medieval combat with Embers of War, a fast-paced and casual gaming experience that puts you right into the heat of battle. Players will face off against hundreds of combatants in a non-stop action-packed survival game that requires quick thinking and strategic planning.

Choose your tactically advantageous position in the middle of the fray or allow yourself to be drawn in by compelling and intense story-driven events featuring power struggles and political intrigue. Whether fighting for your freedom or competing to solidify a noble family’s control of their domain, Embers of War is sure to provide hours upon hours of heart-pounding entertainment.

Medieval - Embers of War Free Game Download

The Middle Ages was a time of raw heroism and unbridled courage when tales of war were meant to be spread across the continent. Every battle, no matter how small or insignificant, was a test of honor and valor with consequences lasting for generations. Men fought with all their strength and resolve, their struggles leaving an impression on the world that is still felt today.

Battles such as the Battle of Thermopylae, disguised in legend and lore, underscore the timelessness of medieval warfare. The bravery, strength, iron will, and loyalty is shown throughout the Age truly represent what it meant to fight for one’s country or a cause. In times like these warriors become true heroes- standing against seemingly inevitable disaster to secure a better tomorrow for their posterity. It is no wonder why these cast embers still burn brightly centuries later!

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval period, was an era full of dazzling warriors and deadly battles. Every man wanted to be part of a kingdom ruled by a powerful ruler, such as Charlemagne or William the Conqueror. But, despite all this grandeur, nothing could quite compare to the incredibly passionate feuds between rival warlords.

Medieval - Embers of War Free Download

This fierce rivalry did not just involve breathtaking displays of combat feats but also provided awesome rewards such as newly conquered lands and precious loot. Although they resulted in much bloodshed and destruction, these wars offer us a glimpse into the exciting world of medieval warfare where epic enemies fought for fame and fortune!


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel 1.2 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel (R) HD Graphics or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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