Meet Your Maker Free Download (Codex)

Meet Your Maker Free Download

Meet Your Maker Free Download: In Meet Your Maker, you’ll step into a world where the rules have been thrown out the window. Every level is designed by players, meaning no two are alike. You’ll need to develop a keen sense of strategy to face off against the devious mazes full of traps and guards in your enemies’ Outposts.

 And, if you’re feeling brave, you can take on these challenges with a friend. The combat in Meet Your Maker is fast-paced and methodical, making every fight an adrenaline-filled race to outsmart the other players. So gear up, get ready, and meet your maker.

Meet Your Maker Gameplay:

In Meet Your Maker, players get to be both the creator and destroyer of their own post-apocalyptic world. With every level designed by players, each Outpost becomes a unique challenge full of intricate traps and guards. 

As you strategize and develop your own fortress, you can also team up with a friend or go solo to raid other players’ creations. The game encourages methodical and fast-paced combat, making it a thrilling adventure to see who will come out on top. So get ready to meet your maker and see what kind of world you can create.

Meet Your Maker Free Download

As the Custodian of the Chimera, your role is not only one of great responsibility, but also of incredible power. The Chimera, a living experiment designed to save life on Earth, is your charge to protect and oversee. But when resources become scarce and battles for survival ensue, you must enter a strategic and tactical battle for the most coveted resource on the planet pure Genetic Material. 

The fate of the Chimera and the future of life on Earth depend on your decision-making prowess and ability to succeed in the fight for survival. Will you prevail and guide the Chimera to its evolution, or succumb to the pressures of the fight? The fate of the planet rests in your hands.

The stakes are high as you embark on a mission to build and protect your Genmat by constructing powerful Outposts. This game is not for the faint of heart, as you will need to outsmart other players to seize their resources and fortify your own empire. And, in this ruthless survival game, there is no room for complacency. You must continuously adapt, upgrade, and evolve your tactics to stay alive. 

Meet Your Maker Free Download

In this game, you can create a labyrinth of terror that will test the skills of even the most experienced gamers. With an extensive collection of blocks, traps, and guards, you can design a maze that will challenge and, ultimately, end the lives of anyone who dares to trespass.

But the key to success is not just in the design of the maze – it’s in the AI recording system that allows you to pre-record the patrol paths of your guards. This innovative system gives you an edge in your quest to outwit and kill your enemies. Will you rise to the challenge and create the ultimate deathtrap? Or will you be the one to fall victim to your own creation? Only one way to find out – meet your maker.

This tactical raiding game requires all the grit, wit, and reflexes you can muster. Your goal is to infiltrate other players’ Outposts, steal the Genmat, and escape with your life. But it won’t be easy. 

Meet Your Maker Free Download

You’ll need to choose the right loadout, perks, and consumables to match your style and the challenges you face. And with each attempt, you’ll reveal new strategies and techniques – even in death. Are you ready to master every Outpost that stands in your way? It’s time to prove yourself and Meet Your Maker.



  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Core I5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 960 (2 GB) or Radeon R9 270X (2 GB)
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How to Install:

  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Then find the crack folder (if the game doesn’t have crack ten just run the game) and then open it and copy all files
  • Simply paste all the files in directory of your game
  • Then the game is your’s