MINDHACK Free Download

MINDHACK Free Download

MINDHACK Free Download is an anime-style game. The story takes place in a world where people can hack into the brains of other people to make them do what they want. The main character is a genius hacker who can control people’s minds with his mind-reading abilities. He is a young man who has been chosen to work for the company called Cephalon. His job is to hack into people’s brains and make them do whatever he wants. He does this by using a machine that he has built himself. While working for Cephalon, he meets three other hackers, and together they create a new program that can read minds.

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When one of the hackers starts killing people, the protagonist realizes that there is a real danger.

About This Game:

Mindhack is a Visual Novel game where the player can use the protagonist’s hacking skills to unlock doors and solve puzzles. There are many endings, and the game can be difficult.

Mindhack features the story of a man named Hiyori, who wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and no memory of who he is.

MINDHACK Free Download

He uses his mind to hack into people’s minds and steal their memories to restore his own. Along the way, he meets different characters, like the doctor and the detective, and solves numerous puzzles to unlock new areas and find the truth about his past.

In this game, there are various endings. At first, the player has to figure out the puzzles. Once the puzzles are solved, the character’s relationship with the people around him will change. Some of the people in the game will be helpful to the protagonist, while others will turn out to be his worst enemies. The player must decide which ones are the “good guys” and which ones are the “bad guys” to progress in the game.

MINDHACK Free Download

You’ll be introduced to various people in the game: the protagonist, the detective, and the doctor. Each of them has a certain purpose in the game, so you should make sure to find out what they want in the end.

In MINDHACK, you will play as an urchin, an orphan boy who lost his parents and was sent to the city where he now lives. One day, a detective and a doctor came to the city. The detective found the urchin and wanted to know where he lived. The detective told the doctor about his problem, but the doctor refused to help him. The doctor was a woman. After that, the detective left the city and the doctor took the urchin home with him. The doctor started to treat the urchin’s wounds, and it turns out that he was an orphan. The doctor was a nurse who used to work at a hospital.

MINDHACK Free Download

The doctor treated the urchin until he felt he was ready to speak. He asked the doctor to read a story to him, and the doctor agreed. The doctor read a story called “MINDHACK”. The urchin loved the story and begged the doctor to continue reading the next one. The doctor didn’t have the time to read the next story, but she promised to read it later.



  • OS: Windows 7
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
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